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Patient surveys can help identify where improvements should be made

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When you own and manage your own dental practice, there is always room for improvement. The second you become indifferent about patient acquisition, retention or the overall experience, the more difficult it becomes to remain competitive. Remember, the number one reason patients leave is "perceived indifference". Therefore, you need to work tirelessly to cultivate a culture of caring at your practice - and not just when patients visit you. Make sure your patients-of-record are as happy as possible when they're not at your practice too! 

In order to discover where improvements need to be made at your practice, you should reach out to your patients-of-record and ask them for their honest opinions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to coax people into giving the truth, especially when the conversation takes place in a face-to-face setting. Your patients-of-record may have had a bad experience at some point in your professional-to-client relationship, and they need to feel comfortable broaching the subject and providing feedback to help make sure those types of concerns are rectified.

Annual patient surveys are invaluable resources for gathering information from your patients-of-record. These surveys show your customer base that you're interested in providing superior oral health care, and are willing to look at your flaws to make sure you resolve any concerns. Additionally, the feedback you garner from these surveys can help you further develop successful dental marketing campaigns, which can lead to higher patient acquisition rates.

The first step to using patient surveys is to identify the type of return you want to receive. These marketing options can help improve your service, address staff training requirements, identify new products, create a better patient experience and increase revenue streams. When you have a clearly defined action plan and partner with Patient News, you can get the most out of your surveys.

The information that comes back from these surveys can help you recognize gaps in employee training, and then you can work to fill those voids quickly. The front desk of your practice is the first place new and loyal patients go to when they come in for appointments, so it's essential that the professionals who are stationed there are trained in customer service as well as the dental industry. Any gaps in knowledge or lapse in experience can make your practice look unprofessional or immature - minimize those experiences by continuously evaluating your staff members and helping them improve their talents.

Patient surveys are effective in helping you discover where you can improve, but they are also invaluable marketing resources that every practice owner should use to engage with their loyal patients-of-record. 

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