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Patient acquisition is critical to the success of your dental practice. While you may have a loyal following and an expansive book of clients, you need to mitigate naturally occurring attrition. You'll also build and strengthen your brand, as well as outstrip attrition rates through your external patient acquisition efforts. However, your dental advertising efforts need to cover a diverse array of topics to appeal to your ideal target patient - sending simple direct calls to action may not always be your best bet over the long term.

There is value in patient education and rapport building. This type of engagement offers people information they can use in their everyday lives, while also building a lucrative reputation for your practice. When you take the time to craft patient newsletters that delve into the intricacies of oral health and provide value-added content to prospective patients free of charge, you're taking a proactive stance as the authority in your industry sector. Recipients will engage with the content because of its worth, and readers may be inclined to seek more information by making a telephone call and setting up a consultation or first appointment.

Patient education influences acquisition efforts, but your acquisition efforts become even more effective when your direct mailhelps in the conversion of leads to sales. Therefore, you'll want to develop a dental marketing campaign that has an even balance of educational content and calls to action. You may want to support your content by including an incentive program such as a discount on a service or a free consultation or second opinion appointment. When you send educational content to leads, they're more likely to engage with your brand for longer periods of time, especially if the information you send them is helpful and well written.

Promoting your practice's best qualities and offering unique snippets of advice can help you build rapport with prospective patients. Your goal should be to cultivate a culture of caring and encourage people to feel confident in the dentist-to-patient relationship they've become a part of through the content. Consumers already form solid bonds with the brands they use regularly, and you can develop similar types of connections with prospective patients through creative direct marketing content. It's important to rethink your marketing plan regularly and ensure that the quality of the content you send to your valuable potential patients is working to convert them to patients at a rate higher than the attrition you’re experiencing. Becoming the dental authority that people trust most in your community will prove to be a lucrative title to hold in today's competitive marketplace.