Drive 70% More New Patient Calls

Direct mail is a versatile promotional method that dentists can use to educate patients-of-record and acquire new prospects. However, the way a professional would use direct dental advertising techniques is based upon the desired end result. It doesn't make sense to use the exact same content to complete a variety of tasks. Fortunately, there are dentistry marketing professionals who can aid clients in developing eye-catching patient newsletters to resonate with the appropriate target audience.

The value in neighborhood newsletters

When it comes time to employ thorough patient acquisition campaigns, dentists need to make sure the materials they use to promote services are well-written and expansive in nature. The most successful direct mail newsletter programs include a plethora of mailings, but the neighborhood newsletter is the foundation in which all subsequent interactions are built upon. These articles are all about acquisition - the content introduces the wide array of oral health service options, the leading treatments being performed today and how discounts can be applied on the first appointment. All in all, these mailings communicate the key attributes of a practice, and offer calls to action that drive recipients through the front door. In addition, these mailings are tailored to resonate most effectively in women, as they often make the majority of health care decisions for the average home.

But you need to keep the patients you already have, too

Dentists need to engage with prospects regularly after they have been converted into a patient. A patient newsletter can be used in client retention, as these mailings feature subtle sales tactics to promote lifetime value.

Patient newsletters are sent to those who already know a practice's key attributes, so the selling tactics aren't as aggressive. In addition to a more subtle tone, these newsletters promote seasonal specials and introduce new products. These are also a great way to request referrals and introduce sublte policy changes. By using a company like Patient NEWS, who mails patient newsletters in a professional envelope presentation, a dentist can incorporate a patient survey or loyalty card without facing additional postage fees. Not only do they keep the dentists name visible all year long, dentists can assume some reader knowledge when crafting content and speak on the subject matter that they want to seed with patients-of-record, like elective services or use of new technologies in the practice.

Dentists need to use a variety of direct mail techniques to build authority in the field, and patient newsletters can be paramount to their efforts. They may seem similar by design, but when content is created to leave lasting impressions in specific audiences, the differences are shown through increases in both acquisition and retention rates.