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Selecting an outside digital marketing partner to help you acquire more patients can be tough. Know what questions to ask of any prospective agency partner

It’s understood across the highly competitive dentistry landscape that an effective blend of digital and traditional marketing is a must for any orthodontic practice to grow its patient base. To that end, aligning your practice with an experienced orthodontic marketing agency can help you get the exposure you need to drive more crooked teeth to your phone, website, and door.

For any orthodontic practice to continue to grow as a business, it’s vital to acquire more patients consistently. That seems straightforward enough. Consumers recognize the value of good oral health. Nevertheless, there are obstacles for any practice to overcome online including engaging effectively with existing and prospective patients through the use of social media tools, being found easily online via search engine optimization (SEO), and consistently generating interesting and helpful content on your website.

Finding the Right Orthodontic Marketing Partner

Choosing the perfect marketing partner is as much a challenge for dental offices as it is for orthodontic practices, and when mulling over which firm to hire many of the same criteria applies. There are several points to consider as you determine which orthodontist marketing agency you should hire to represent your practice, including:

  • The agency’s years of experience in the dental industry
  • Their track record of success with other practices
  • The orthodontist marketing agency team’s individual experience
  • The firm’s collective technical expertise
  • How the agency promotes its own business and how they generate leads

But before you begin hunting for a top-level orthodontist marketing agency, you need to know precisely what it is you want from a marketing partnership. Gather your senior staff together, determine what your practice’s strategic goals are as it concerns marketing, and have a clear idea of who your target customers are.

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