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Why Marketing To Moms Will Help Your Dental Practice

A mom, with her two kids, who your dental practice should be marketing to

One population group in particular that has adopted the relatively new technology with open arms is stay-at-home mothers, who are becoming more tech-savvy than previously given credit for. Unsurprisingly, these moms have largely opted for Facebook as their social media network of choice. Facebook is definitely too big to ignore. With over 204 million American people logging into Facebook daily, dentists need to take advantage of this trend and present dental patient marketing campaigns that target this demographic.

Data and statistics from several recent reports reveal that mothers and women in general, are an increasingly worthwhile group to target in your marketing efforts. Among industries, dental practices stand to benefit even further from this developing trend. Mothers are typically the primary decision makers on family healthcare and, as such, usually end up choosing which dental practice to go to and what services to opt for. Women account for 92% of their household’s purchasing decisions.

As to the viability of reaching out to this target demographic via Facebook and other social media, other reports confirm that mothers are flocking online more frequently and in greater numbers. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, 81% of mothers in the United States are active on Facebook. MediaPost recently reported that 90% of moms are online, versus just 76% of women overall, and that 78% of American women use the internet for research before making a purchasing decision.

Another survey by Burst Media revealed that one-half of female respondents visited social media sites at least once a day, compared to only one-third of men. This included 3 out of every 5 mothers, with 14% of respondents claiming to be connected "all day."

More importantly than simply being on a social network site – at least to dental marketing executives – is what these mothers are doing on there. When it comes to marketing purposes, companies and dental practices are more interested in active users than passive ones. This included 'liking' brands or companies, sharing links within their own networks, or sharing their own opinions or comments on the particular company.

With such a potentially influential purchasing group, it's clear that dentists need to engage in dental practice marketing through Facebook or some other similar social networking site. With a growing number of mothers hopping online every day and learning more about the numerous capabilities that Facebook provides, dentists can improve their dental practice marketing by enhancing their Facebook pages and creating content geared specifically toward mothers.

Here are a few tips to help you market your dental practice using Facebook:

1) Use relevant content on a variety of topics
Think about what your patients want. Much like your website and patient newsletters, providing educational content is what gets you noticed. Including health and wellness articles, staff spotlights, and entertaining posts, which shows your followers why your dental practice should be the one they choose. Posting 3-5 times per week is plenty, but quality over quantity wins every time.

2) Be authentic
Your patients know you and your voice. They can tell if you or a member of your team is posting, or if you’ve hired someone to post on your behalf. Ensure that your posts are authentic and use the same voice as your patient newsletters – you want to highlight you and your team as the STAND OUT practice that you are.

3) Be entertaining
Call your Account Manager to find out more about our awesome Facebook content package to supplement your personal posts. We have tons of fun (the primary reason people use social media) in our posts that also send a positive educational message about dentistry … helping present you as the local dental expert in people’s minds, and providing sample text to get you started.