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Patient acquisition fuels your practice. In order to grow to a successful and profitable business, there needs to be a steady flow of new patients scheduling appointments with your team. You might want to explore the various ways in which you can pique consumer interest. For example, when you use direct mail, you become privy to actionable data that helps you tailor your services to meet demands.


As a dentist, you want to educate prospective patients to help them make informed oral health care decisions. Sending neighborhood newsletters is a worthwhile dental marketing technique, as these materials include diverse subject matter that speaks directly to the needs of people living around your business. When you take the time to craft unique mailings, recipients will be drawn to the personal touches and relate to the content you've provided them.

In addition to making positive impressions almost immediately, you are able to track response rates using your patient newsletters, especially if you've included clear calls to action. A defined action point that encourages patients to call your practice will then provide your staff with the person's geographic profile, which includes his or her name, number, call-length and location. This type of response also shows which offers drive calls the most, the type of content that was discussed between your front desk and the caller as well as how the conversation was handled. When your team is able to compile data of this nature, you are better able to tailor future outreach programs to resonate with your desired target audience.

However, in order to guarantee that the initial engagement with prospective patients goes well on the phone, you need to train your staff members to act as superior brand ambassadors for your practice. After all, your front desk is your practice to your patients, and these professionals need to be well-versed in the services and products you offer. In order to develop subject matter expertise, you need to craft servicing criteria for call handlers, which will guide them through a series of best practices and maximize conversion rates.

When you take patient acquisition seriously, you'll find that your book-of-clients grows incrementally. Understanding how to speak appropriately to prospects will help your entire team build rapport with callers who respond to your dental advertising efforts. This type of engagement will help you discover what people in the area look for in their oral health care providers.