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In the niche world of dental marketing, practice owners need to have clever action plans to acquire new patients-of-record. Without a streamlined campaign that involves several key promotional materials, and a large database of qualified leads, it's difficult to leave any long-lasting impressions with recipients. As a dentist, patient acquisition should be a priority, and resources that can assist you in appealing to top-tier leads should be embraced. However, with all of the noise and hype surrounding online marketing, you may not want to focus the entirety of your attention converting internet users to your patients. Instead, rely on direct mail and the many different types of print media you can create and send to readers in your community.

In some cases, you might want to partner with a dentistry marketing company that can implement campaigns for you. Patient News customers boost their response rates by up to 70% over traditional marketing methods when they utilize the latest technologies. Here is a quick overview of some direct mail concepts that are proven to produce positive gains in the dental sphere.

Neighborhood patient newsletters
Dental marketing is about bringing in better quality patients through your front door. Therefore, you need to develop content that will resonate with your target audience, and attract those who want the best dental care, and people who aren't necessarily concerned with the price they have to pay for better oral health care.

Patient newsletters are ideal resources, as they cover a wide array of topics, and each campaign generates a 100 percent reach. In fact, patient newsletters attract patients who need your services and have proven ability to pay. They also build awareness of your practice and the services you offer, and promote your business as the authority in the region. If you want to increase the number and quality of your appointments, you need to use patient newsletters in your marketing mix.

Dental postcards
The purpose of a dental marketing campaign is to build lucrative relationships with ideal patients, and we have found that newsletters drive better patient engagement and lift response by 70% over jumbo postcards. Postcards are a decent method for short-term advertising campaigns. When you keep your name in the homes of local residents, your practice will be the first to come to mind when appointments need to be scheduled.

Research shows that 98 percent of consumers bring in their mail the day it's delivered, but ideally, you want to send a promotional piece that will have a long shelf life in the home, and will reach multiple decision makers. We recommend newsletters over postcards for most markets.

Your competitive advantage
Direct mail is a proven method of lead generation. If you want to reach a wider audience with diverse oral health care needs, you need marketing campaigns that cover various topics and delve deeper into consumer interests. Whether your ideal patients need guidance for superior oral hygiene or simply need a dentist who can help maintain their smiles, you can communicate your competitive advantage through direct mail.

Tracking, Scoring & Training for continuous improvement
Direct mail is a proven method of lead generation but it doesn't stop there. By tracking your calls, listening to call handlers and analyzing the results, you can make significant operational adjustments that will generate thousands of dollars in increased topline revenue. Patient News also makes it easy by providing call scoring and team training as part of your acquisition campaigns. 

As a dentist, make sure you use the resources available to your practice. If lead generation and conversion are the main objectives of your business, you need all the help you can get. Patient News has the marketing experience to help you achieve greater success in the dental sphere.