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We Understand The Complexity Of Branded Group MarketingManaging multiple projects for multiple offices with multiple needs and goals is really challenging. Managing various brands and distinguishing each practice in its unique market is another level of challenge. We can help you easily manage multiple brands and changing messages all while differentiating your members from competitors in an environment where consumers perceive that all dental services are the same. Would you like a marketing partner that:

         •  Improves Your Overall Marketing Effectiveness?

         •  Increases Group Efficiency & Saves You Time?

         •  Customizes Your Marketing Based on Practice Brand, Location, & Stage?

         •  Provides Staff Training & Support to Heighten Practice Professional Reputation?            

         •  Is Accountable & Offers Data-Driven Marketing Performance Dashboards & Reporting?      

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I can't say enough about how great the team at Patient News has been from our initial interactions to our ongoing relationships. Their exceptional customer service, from the way they answer the phones to the timeliness of response, along with outstanding ongoing support is the gold standard that we're trying to replicate at our various practices. This level of support makes Patient News a fantastic partner for any group practice.

Jatin Movalia