Why should dental marketing SEO matter to you? If someone moves into your neighborhood, close to your practice, odds are they will be on the hunt for a dentist for their family. Move your practice into first place with these tips.
Sometimes, less is more. That couldn’t be more true when it comes to website design.
To increase success in dental practice marketing it is better to target specific demographic patient profiles.
Reaching relevant prospects requires a depth of knowledge about the market area – and expert targeting.
Search engine optimization (SEO) has existed since the beginning of the Internet. Simply put, its function is to make a website rank well in Internet search engine results.
In the business of dentistry, everything you do is marketing your dental practice. Including choosing your dental practice name.
At Patient News, we have conducted millions of dental marketing campaigns and we track and analyze the results to bring your dental office a proven and reliable marketing system for acquiring new dental patients and retaining them for life.
Icon of a person with a large red pencil check-marking boxes. Tough decisions are made that much more easily when supported by the appropriate information. Asking questions in patient satisfaction surveys about your dental marketing efforts could help you streamline the process in the long run to ensure a maximum return on investment, along with the most optimal conversion rates.
Multiple colorful circular icons. In the cluttered marketplace, businesses have minimal time to grab the attention of prospective customers and retain their interest long enough to communicate a sales pitch.
Family of three smiling. If you've ever taken the time to log into an old email account - an address you've abandoned, but never cancelled - you might discover that droves of personalized content are still sent to you daily.
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