A dentist standing among his staff. As a dentist, the way you build your practice into an industry-leading organization is through effective marketing and superior customer service.
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In the dental market, you have to have a balanced approach to patient acquisition and retention. If you fail to manage either of those practices, you might find it much harder to operate in an increasingly competitive field. Any momentary lapse in engagement can have consequences - your competition is vying for the same prospective patients as you, so make sure they don't steal the people who are already your customers.

The best way to maintain a superior practice is through your dental marketing efforts. Having campaigns in place to acquire and retain patients can help establish your company as an oral health care provider that genuinely cares about its customers. This can go a long way in communicating to your patients-of-record and prospective customers that you appreciate their business and want to take every possible step to keep them satisfied.

Patient acquisition
When you want to acquire new patients, you need to develop campaigns that resonate with your intended target audience. You can create initial interest in prospects by sending eye-catching jumbo dental postcards. These introductory articles can feature stunning graphics and compelling calls to action, which will put your name in the minds of your prospects, and get your foot through the front door. After you have created a unique and memorable first impression, you need to support your efforts with additional print marketing materials.

If your dental postcards were effective in bringing new traffic into your practice, you can support your brand and the customer experience by offering supplementary dental brochures to your patients. These articles can delve deeper into the nuances of oral health care, and the creative materials can reaffirm your authority even after your patients have left your practice space.

However, if your initial mailings did not generate a significant first round of new appointments, you will want to support your preliminary efforts with highly engaging patient newsletters. These materials can provide detailed articles that pertain to the needs of your prospective patients, and these materials are proven to have a 100 percent reach, which gives you a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Patient Retention
After you have built a solid customer base, you want to make sure your patients-of-record remain loyal. If you don't spend an adequate amount of time engaging with your current patients, you won't have a sustainable operation, and it will be much harder to stay in business.

To keep your patients-of-record interested, you need to use dental advertising methods that include patient newsletters. These mailings can also be tailored to retain patients by offering greater incentives to people who have already scheduled oral health care appointments with you in the past. While your direct mail efforts can make a significant impact in patient retention, make sure your front desk can support your claims and brand. The first staff members your new and old patients meet are those professionals who are stationed in the front of your practice. It's important that these employees act as brand ambassadors and know how to engage with your clientele effectively.

Running your own practice can be difficult, especially when attempting to expand and become an even larger oral health care provider. While you may understand how to cultivate a culture of care in the workplace, and know how to use direct mail to support the customer experience, your staff members may need more guidance. Get every employee on board to help acquire and retain new patients. When everyone gives his or her full effort in making the practice successful, your marketing and customer support can work together to create a truly memorable oral health care experience. 

Chameleons on a branch looking at eachother, very colorful. For dentists who want to make a significant impact in the industry, implementing an attention-grabbing dental marketing campaign can be worthwhile.
Woman wearing bright shirts smiling and laughing. In the dental sphere, the bulk of your marketing materials will be tailored to resonate with the female heads of households.
Become a credible practice with dental direct mail The world of dentistry is complex, and in order for you to build your book-of-patients and garner a loyal following, you need to offer prospects and current patients more than superior services.
Woman standing half-way behind a panel of glass. Managing a dental practice is a trying task, as the processes involved in acquiring new patients and retaining the ones already on record can be difficult.
Smiling woman wearing a headset. Patient acquisition fuels your practice. In order to grow to a successful and profitable business, there needs to be a steady flow of new patients scheduling appointments with your team.
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The procedures you offer prospective patients have the potential to change lives. Teeth are sensitive entities, and when a person feels his or her smile is imperfect due to a crooked lateral incisor or a chipped central incisor, he or she may lack the confidence to reach his or her full potential. As a dentist, you can help restore your patients faith in themselves and mend their broken smiles. Through fairly simple oral health procedures, their pearly whites can look their very best.

Man and woman building rapport with eachother. In order to manage your practice effectively and achieve monetary success, you need to be active in building rapport with your patients-of-record.
Woman and man out shopping and sight-seeing. Creating a trusted brand can be difficult, especially with competitors trying to steal your valued customers.
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