Here’s an idea that’s not that difficult to understand, but it’s challenging to consistently and effectively address from a business standpoint. I watched a Seth Godin video today, marketing expert and author. To demonstrate his point, he talked about blowing up a balloon. When you’re handed a balloon to inflate, you sigh. You know what it takes to get that thing started. But, once you blow the first couple of breaths, you’re over the tough part and the rest is easy. We’ve all done it; we know what he means.

Seth’s message was about getting over the start, and once you do, how easy it is to stay the course to completion which is the key to success. Get all the tough stuff out of the way at project launch, discipline your team, your boss, whomever has a say, to get it all out up front so the rest just happens. The concept he was talking about – the path to success he figuratively described with the balloon – was the ability to “ship.” The way to keep your project on time and on budget, he said, is when you run out of money and time, you ship. Get it out of the gate and don’t make excuses about why you can’t … it’s not good enough, we’ll never beat the competition, we don’t have the budget… There was no hot air in this message; as a marketing agency I can attest to it. We struggle with our experience and know-how and our wish to generate the best results for our clients with our flexibility for clients to make the changes they want and then, guess what? The target date has passed, the project goes off course – and sometimes so do the results.

Here’s another idea that’s easy to understand and difficult to consistently manage. Your dental practice needs a consistent flow of new patients. At minimum you are likely losing at least 20% of patients each year due to naturally occurring reasons. Without a consistent communication, reactivation or outreach program, or without raising fees, introducing new products, or buying another practice, revenue will decline. So fill your lungs and determine your best course to generate those new patients you need. And of course, your Patient News team is here to help tie the knot!

Seth expands the story, but in a nutshell he suggests that we need to take care of the ideas and arguments at the beginning, make a decision, and then let the project professionals take the initiative to fruition. The experts from the 99% Conference “Stop Dreaming & Start Doing,” agree. Making things happen is the key to success.

We’ve learned a lot from prospects who have not seen their annual marketing plans through versus those who determined their plan and did. The non-finishers are always full of excuses … waiting … waiting for the doctor … the staff don’t want … patients don’t need … the budget … something’s happening … versus those who are committed to achievement, determine their plan and followed through – 30% increases in annual revenue, 50% increases in patient of record numbers, increase in patient referrals, increase in elective sales, 10x the revenue invested and more.

This is why your Patient News Account Management Team works so hard to establish the right marketing plan for you and to keep it on course.  Once you’ve made all the decisions, your AM Team is diligent in fulfilling your goals. If you haven’t had a good one-on-one call lately, I encourage you to reach out to discuss your current business challenges, ideas, and suggestions. They will ensure your plan succeeds, they will keep it on time, on budget … and best of all … on target with results.

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