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$90,000 Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase

Dr. Todd Maggiore & team

Practice Background

Springfield, a town of about 110,000, is the State capitol, and a large percentage of the population are employed by, or doing business with, the State. This has made Springfield virtually recession proof, however years of overspending have resulted in a State that does not pay its bills. This includes healthcare providers. My practice has always focused on treating patients based on their need, not their insurance coverage. Our focus is to attract patients committed to quality care. Recent changes in our State has emphasized the need for a marketing strategy that is aimed at attracting not just patients in general, but the patients who share our values.


Results directly from Patient News marketing:

  • $90,000 year-over-year revenue increase
  • New patients up from 19 to 29 per month – a 50% increase!

Programs: Patient Acquisition Newsletter & Postcard, Patient Retention Newsletter, Phone Power Telephone Training

Q&A With Dr. Todd Maggiore

What makes our practice unique or different is that, while we are a general dentistry practice and the majority of my day is spent doing peizo, restorative work, and basic crown and bridge, I have invested a significant amount of time and money to acquire the necessary skills to recognize and treat complex dental pathology. I work closely with a team of specialists which allows me to successfully treat difficult cases. I also work closely with my periodontist. Together we provide a procedure known as the S.M.I.L.E. technique – an immediate implant restoration.

The best thing about working with Patient News is they are very receptive to my input. They are not just trying to plug my practice into a existing program they use for everyone.

The offers patients have responded to most are the free consultations. I have had several good cases, including a couple $10,000 cases from the free 2nd opinion special.

Insurance can be tricky so we offer flexible payment options.

Our best tip to book more new patient appointments is asking good patients for referrals. I keep track of my marketing ROI by inputing the referral of each patient into our dental software.

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was our family dentist. The best thing about being a dentist is my ties with the community. I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people that otherwise I would never have known.

The worst thing about being a dentist is the stress associated with running a small business.

Younger dentists today should select the area they choose to practice in carefully. Pay attention to the tax rates of the city/state you are considering as well as the number of dentists practicing, the age of those dentists, and the patient pool available.

The best thing I ever purchased for the practice was the E4D CAD/CAM system.

I support my local community through financial contributions to local charities and selective charitable dental cases.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to golf with my son.