Dr. Afshin Azimi - Tripled new-patient flow!

Dr. Afshin Azimi

Client Success Story: Dr. Afshin Azimi, Las Vegas

Practice Background

Leading Top Dentist Dr. Azimi owns Modern Dentistry. His ultra-modern practice is located on the very competitive Las Vegas strip. An expert in all areas of dentistry including sedation, dentures, and implants, Dr. Azimi also instructs and mentors at the Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center. Almost a dozen years ago, Dr. Azimi began working with Patient News.He had not been attracting enough new patients or those qualified for total care. A future thinker, Dr. Azimi works to consistently take his practice to the next level.

In 2014, a strategic focus on new-patient growth lead to:

  • Tripled new-patient flow
  • 50% increase in monthly production
  • New patients combined with focus on attrition has lead to a steady 
  • year-over-year active patient gain (200/year) 

Advice to other dentists...

  • The offer patients have responded to most is our exam/x-rays/cleaning offer.
  • Rely on your Account Manager! Using their area analysis, we get a clear understanding of our demographic allowing us to make informed decisions for better targeting and response.
  • The Marketing Performance Dashboard gives great visibility. For example, it helped us identify the type of calls that weren’t being converted so that Patient News could assist with call scripts.
  • The best thing about working with Patient News is the friendly, consistent, experienced team.

The fun stuff...

  • The best thing I ever purchased for the practice is my futon for lunch time naps.
  • The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was my passion for healthcare and people. 
  • The best thing about being a dentist is my relationships with happy patients.
  • The worst thing about being a dentist are the business challenges and that it’s physically stressful.
  • Younger dentists today should focus equally on the non-clinical side of dentistry to be successful.
  • The last book I read was Selling With Integrity. 
  • When not practicing dentistry, I love to spend time with my wife and two kids and extended family.