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Dr. Allison Freeman

Dr. Alison Freeman of Freeman Dental Associates

Practice Background

Dr. Alison Freeman owns and operates two general dentistry practices (Cohasset & Hanson, MA). They focus on improving patients’ health, helping them achieve their dental goals, and ensuring patients feel happy and confident.


  • 130% revenue increase after year one with Patient News!
  • On track to double annual revenue in 2016 – a 200% increase!

Advice To Other Dentists & Their Teams...

  • The offer that really drives new-patient calls is any promotion of high-tech services.
  • Our #1 tip to book more new patients appointments is to listen to what patients want and show your practice personality.
  • The best call handling script advice we can share is to make it easy for patients and get them into the office to meet you.
  • The best thing I ever purchased for the practice? The #1 thing in our office is not equipment; it is our team. Our best decisions revolve around them as they create the environment and constantly push to provide excellent patient care.
  • What makes our practice unique is the team spirit and fun atmosphere. Our teams truly love dentistry and providing care. They are interested in the technology that improves care and get excited by helping patients smile.
  • The best piece of advice I can share about marketing your dental practice is to show your personality and make patients feel welcome and at home.
  • The reason we hired Patient News was the unique platform for reaching current and potential patients and really showing our personality through the communications. In addition, it is the ability to really understand the results of the campaign and what we can do to impact them.
  • I recommend you try Patient News if you really want to target your demographic and send high-quality mailers on which you can measure progress.
  • The marketing intelligence (targeting, call tracking and scoring, etc.) from Patient News has been illuminating for training the staff and understanding what we can do better.


About Dr. Freeman

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was being able to work with patients and improve their lives. The best thing about being a dentist is the feeling that I get when I really impact someone’s quality of life, confidence, and health. The worst thing? The challenges of running an office.

Younger dentists today should focus on what really drives them and how they want to practice.

I support my community by supporting our individual patient’s needs. We get to know our patients and many of them have personal or health struggles. We have done numerous events to raise money for families with sick kids, for our troops, to support ALS research, craniofacial defects, cancer, and many other challenges. We do what we can to help. 

When not practicing dentistry, I love to travel, spend time with family, cook, and run.