Dr. Bradley Broughton - Average of 52 New Patients Each Month

Dr. Bradley Broughton

Practice background

Dr. Bradley Broughton owns and operates Batesville Dental, focusing on comprehensive care – preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry – for children and adults.

Client since: Summer 2011


Results directly from Patient News marketing: 

  • 22% increase in patient-of-record numbers
  • 20% increase in practice revenue
  • $200,000 increase in annual top-line revenue
  • average of 52 new patients each month (some months 60-80)
  • increased production

Program: Patient Acquisition Newsletter 

Q&A With Dr. Bradley Broughton

Our patients are our most important asset. We strive to develop long-lasting trusting relationships by taking great satisfaction in helping patients maintain the best oral health and by offering an abundance of information to help them to make informed choices.

When deciding on our marketing target, we consider annual household income, pinpointing areas with profitable incomes within a specific radius of our practice.

The best thing about working with Patient News is they customize our newsletter for our individual needs.

I keep track of my marketing ROI monthly to ensure I’m reaching our goals.

The offer that patients have responded to most is a $50 credit to their next visit. Knowing there is some type of savings in this economy is helpful.

The best thing about being a dentist is helping people to be able to smile again.

The worst thing about being a dentist is that people are afraid of you and are scared to proceed with treatments.

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was to be the 4th generation of Broughtons to provide high-quality health care for people of all needs.

The best thing I ever purchased for the practice is our digital x-ray system.

If I had to start my career over, I might consider starting my practice in a more populated area to generate more patients. 

Younger dentists today should always be respectful to patients’ feelings and keep an open mind about modern technologies.

I support my local community through the Chamber of Commerce, our local high-school, and church event fund raisers.

About Dr. Bradley Broughton

Dr. Bradley Broughton is the fourth geneation of Broughtons to practice dentistry. He studied at Perdue University (BA, MA) and at Indiana University (DDS). When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Broughton enjoys showing his Arabian horses, hunting, fishing, and working about the farm.