Dr. Douglas Pennino - Practice Revenue Has Increased By 30%,

Dr. Douglas Pennino

Practice Background:

We are truly a family practice in the way we function internally and how we view and treat our patients. With our son ready to join our practice we wanted to create growth through new-patient acquisition and improving communication and follow through with our existing patients, so we called Patient News.

Programs: Patient Acquisition Newsletter, Patient Retention Newsletter

Outstanding Practice Results:

Since I started working with Patient News in 2015, practice revenue has increased by 30%, our new patients per month have increased from 22 to 39 each month, and our patients-of-record have increased by 1,125. Our hygiene team is thrilled to have a fuller schedule, we have increased website views, and our new patients are referring friends and family.

Advice to other dentists & their teams...

The offer that really drives new-patient calls is our New Patient $99 Cleaning Special

Our #1 tip to book more new-patient appointments is to ask if anyone else in the family needs an appointment.

The Marketing Performance Dashboard has helped us figure out what works and what doesn’t. It allows us to see how many calls are coming in from our newsletter.

The results analysis and trajectory reports provided by our Account Manager help us refine our target market and bring “good” patients to the practice.

Be sure to listen to ALL calls that come in and review with staff members for “positive” and “needs improvement”..

The Marketing Performance Dashboard has helped us improve our front desk scheduling of new patients.

Insurance can be tricky so we offer complimentary benefit checks and call new patients back with information.

Our internal patients LOVE the Patient Newsletter.

Be sure to follow the guidelines Patient News gives you for your front desk in order to book more patients.

I recommend you try Patient News if you are looking for more new patients.

About Dr. Pennino

The best thing I ever purchased for the practice  … CEREC® Omnicam.

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was wanting to help people.

The best thing about being a dentist is being your own boss.

The worst thing about being a dentist … I haven’t found it yet!.

Younger dentists today should strive for non-stop self-improvement.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to fish, golf, and do anything outdoors.