Dr. Elizabeth Taleski - 100% Practice Revenue Improvement

Dr. Elizabeth Taleski

Practice Background:

Dr. Taleski became sole proprietor of her practice in Windsor in 1998 after working for 2 years as an Associate. She is proud of the relationships that have been built with her community and to have practiced in the same location for over 15 years. Focusing on general dentistry, Dr. Taleski also provides implants, endodontics, and orthodontics.

Results directly from acquisition program:

  • 100% practice revenue improvement in the past 3+ years
  • Overall 20-30% year-over-year revenue increase
  • 10-20% increase patients-of-record
  • 20-30 new patients per month, on average

The best thing about working with Patient News is that they have experience and go to any length for us. Content, changes, new ideas, choosing new routes, times, area ... the community exposure is continually there and our results have always been above a very satisfying number.

Our number-one tip to book more new patients appointments is to be consistent with advertising. Let people see that you are not just fishing, but you’re there to service, educate, give value, that you’re serious about treating them. Then fulfill what you promise.

My best piece of marketing advice is to do demographic reports (PNP will take care of this for you) and constantly review your targeting. We cover a wide range of people and incomes, and we accept all. We don’t do much advertising outside of Patient News; we don’t see the need. Our exposure is continual. In addition, our staff reads every newsletter – they are on top of it – and we have monthly meetings to review it.

I recommend you try Patient News – In 18 years, we have sent ½ million flyers to the same area. Patients look forward to each new newsletter. We have built a relationship with our community and as we grew, we gave patients service who cared about results. We were rewarded. Don’t just go for the money. Do the service and the money will come.

About Dr. Taleski

I support my community through my heritage. I’m of Macedonian descent and there’s a large ethnic group in Windsor. Through them, I support social events to raise money for different associations and various charities citywide.

The best thing about being a dentist is that I can create beautiful smiles.

The worst thing about being a dentist? There’s no such thing.

Younger dentists today should listen to their patients’ needs and go from there.

What makes our practice unique is our motto: treat the patient the way you want to be treated. With respect, professionalism, and punctuality. Accept emergencies asap no matter the business of the day, whether they’re patients-of-record or walk-ins.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to spend time with family, paint nature, and play the piano.Dr. Elizabeth Taleski [nid:1093]