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Dr. Glen Wainwright

Dr. Glen Wainwright with family

Practice Background

A year after graduating from Dental School (1997), Dr. Wainwright opened Austin Dental Care. His focus is on gentle personalized general dentistry with an emphasis on prevention. 


Since I started working with Patient News, practice revenue has increased by 1.3% and our new patients per month have increased to 14. This may not seem like success, but 2015 was a very challenging year, primarily with staffing changes. I truly believe if it were not for Patient News, we would have seen a significant decrease in revenue. Finally, I now have an amazing team and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

Advice To Other Dentists & Their Teams...

  • The offer that really drives new-patient calls is our New Patient $99 Special
  • Our #1 tip to book more new patients appointments is to work hard during the initial phone call not to put up barriers to a patient scheduling an appointment.
  • Our top tips for inbound call handling include (1) don’t give patients so much unnecessary info that you talk them out of scheduling, (2) smile on the phone, and (3) show passion and enthusiasm.
  • The best call handling script advice we can share is to use verbiage that is accommodating to patients so they experience your excellent service and caring team which will get them to schedule an appointment.
  • The best piece of advice I can share about marketing your dental practice is be consistent and don’t give up. Frequently re-evaluate what is working and tweak what is not working. Measure and track everything!
  • The reason we hired Patient News was by recommendation by our consulting firm and I have remained due to the quality of the content and design of the newsletter and because of the excellent support from our Account Manager. 
  • I recommend you try Patient News if you are looking for a quality direct mail piece to acquire new patients. 
  • The marketing intelligence (targeting, call tracking, call scoring, visible results) from Patient News has made tracking and measuring our efforts much more manageable.


About Dr. Wainwright

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was both my father and grandfather who were dentists. The best thing about being a dentist is the relationships I develop with my patients and staff and the worst thing about being a dentist is, as a sole proprietor, trying to think of the practice as a business and developing all the different skills it takes to thrive.

Younger dentists today should have a mentor, or at least hire a consulting firm.

I support my community with school sponsorships, service through church, and dental charity.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to play sports with my kids, fish, and exercise.