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Dr. Hart - Additional 75 new patients-of-record year over year

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Practice Background

Dr. Kirby Hart III has been practicing dentistry for the past 12 years, the past 4 in Hartford, focusing on comprehensive state-of-the-art dental care, offering the latest dental technology, a comfortable atmosphere, and an experience that will surpass dental fears and anxiety.

Client since: Summer 2010


Results directly from Patient News marketing:

  • $200,000 per year increase in annual top-line revenue
  • Additional 75 new patients-of-record year over year

Programs: Patient Acquisition Newsletter & Postcard, Patient Retention Newsletter 

Q&A With Dr. Kirby Hart: 

Our practice is successful because we stay in touch with our existing patients and reach out to make a connection with potential patients. Patient News is a GREAT help with this! Relationships are key! We are proud to have raised the standard of dental care in our area with patient education, the latest technology, and genuine care and concern for each patient. We know it’s important to keep our team excited and positive, so we ensure surprises at team meetings (games, prizes, rewards, and incentives).

Our practice is unique because we celebrate our patients. We are grateful for the access they give us into their lives. We do the expected, but also the unexpected by surprising them with gift cards, amusement park passes, and dinners out. We also send cards to acknowledge personal experiences or just to say “we’re thinking about you.”

The best thing about working with Patient News is their customer service and support.

The offers patients respond to most: (1) Whitening for Life, (2) FREE 2nd opinion.

The best thing I added to the practice is modern equipment including our 3D scanner.

Insurance can be tricky so we verify benefits prior to appointments to get an estimate of patient costs. As part of the educational process, we continually teach patients the difference between their medical and dental policies.

Best tip to book more new patients... Always keep appointments open and available!

I keep track of ROI by estimating the cost of patient acquisition and comparing it against new patient treatment acceptance. Dentrix helps.

The biggest influences on choosing my profession was my grandfather (who was a dentist) and my dad (who was a doctor). My father steered me away from medicine and towards dentistry. I’m so glad he did because I love it!

The best thing about being a dentist is meeting great people, having a sense of accomplishment in making a difference in the lives of people, bolstering patients’ self-confidence, and the gadgets are fantastic!

The worst thing about being a dentist are the no-shows and holes in the schedule. Younger dentists today should get a business degree!

The last books I read were Serpent’s Shadow, Who Moved My Cheese?, and The Energy Bus.

I support my local community through performing elementary school dental screenings, working with civic clubs, and participating in missions.

I love to go to movies, the beach, my kids’ sporting events, and Disney World!

About Dr. Kirby Hart

Dr. Hart earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Auburn University in 1997 & his dental doctorate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2001. He’s devoted to continuing education to the benefit of his patients & has received special training in, & certification for, dental implants, root canal treatment, Invisalign, & cosmetic dentistry.