Dr. Monique Nadeau - Revenue has more than tripled!

Dr. Monique Nadeau & Dr. Eric Krause

Practice Background:

Dr. Monique Nadeau owns and operates Farmington Village Dental Associates with her husband Dr. Eric Krause. Since 2001, the practice has provided comprehensive family dentistry.

Outstanding Practice Results:

  • Revenue has more than tripled
  • Monthly new patients have doubled
  • Year-after-year practice growth.

Our top tips to book more new patient appointments are: (1) be friendly, helpful, answer questions concisely, and offer an appointment asap, and (2) never put up barriers. 

The best call-handling script advice is if a caller’s main concern is insurance, offer to complete a complimentary benefits check.

The offer that really drives new-patient calls is a FREE consultation.

The best 2 things I have purchased for my practice are actually 4 things ... Diagnodent™, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, and a cone beam CT scanner.

What makes our practices unique is that we view patients like friends and family … and treat them as such. We ensure the level of care our patients receive – clinical and emotional – far exceeds their expectations. We offer clinical excellence, but the way we make a patient feel makes a lasting impact on them. We take the time to listen.

We hired Patient News because after many years in business, new patients still said that they had no idea we were here. We wanted to make sure everyone knew we existed.

The best piece of advice I can share about marketing your dental practice is don’t worry about what other people think of your marketing. Just do it.

I recommend you try Patient News if you want your phone to ring more.

About Dr. Nadeau

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist were my dental experiences when I was a child.

The best thing about being a dentist is being my own boss, providing my team with a great work environment, and caring for people ... possibly even changing a patient’s life. The worst thing is that sometimes I care more about my patient’s teeth than they do.

Younger dentists today should take business classes. Business knowledge is essential to practice ownership. Also, make sure dentistry is really what you want to do. Many dentists end up unhappy because they didn’t anticipate the stress.

I support my community by trying to never say “no” when a patient asks me for sponsorship. This year, our local donations included cancer fund raisers, athletic competitions, the fire department, and a day of free dentistry.

The last books I read were Quiet and The Ice Twins.

When not practicing dentistry, I love family time, being active, and traveling.