Dr. Vaibhavi Patel - 150% year-over-year revenue increase!

Dr. Vaibhavi Patel

Practice Background:

Dr. Vaibhavi Patel is a graduate of New York University (2007) and practiced as a general dentist in the Boston area before moving to Virginia. She’s received advanced training in digital and laser technologies, orthodontics, and implants, and runs a full-service family-friendly practice, offering exceptional quality with warranties.

Outstanding Practice Results:

  • 150% year-over-year revenue increase! Awesome!
  • Average month Dr. Patel Shares Dental Marketing Success production increased by $40,000
  • Monthly new patients up by 165%!


The best thing about working with Patient News is that my experienced Account Manager is always available when I need her, listens very well, and knows the market.

Our #1 tip to book more new patient appointments is our Free Consultation ... and not to ask for too much information on the phone. We don’t even ask about insurance

The offer that really drives new patient calls is $100 off dentures & partials and our Free Initial Consultation or Free 2nd Opinion.

The best 2 things I have purchased for my practice are Patient News marketing products and Scheduling Institute training. What makes our practices unique is that we are 100% patient centered – always creating the best experience possible.

The reason we decided to hire Patient News was their ongoing monitoring of results and, based on those results, the ability to change our campaigns as needed.

The best piece of advice I can share about marketing your dental practice is to hire the company that can track every single piece of marketing. Phone tracking, phone recording, etc., so you know what is working and what is not. There is no perfect marketing technique. You will have to continuously TEST-TRACK-TWEAK-TEST...

About Dr. Patel

  • The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was my dad who insisted I go into the medical or dental field.
  • The best thing about being a dentist is that I get to interact with many people throughout the day and I receive instant satisfaction by contributing something valuable to my patients’ lives. Also, regular working hours gives me time for family.
  • The worst thing about being a dentist? NOTHING AT ALL!
  • Younger dentists today should listen to their patients with full attention.
  • I support my local community by giving a 10% discount to seniors and firefighters.