Eagle Falls Dentistry - Annual revenue increased over $1 million

Eagle Falls Dentistry

Practice Background:

We are a friendly and professional multi-practice specialty group. Providing high quality dentistry for both insurance and 
service-driven patients, we strive to give back to the community. 

Programs: Patient Acquisition Newsletter, Patient Retention Newsletter

Outstanding Practice Results:

  • Annual revenue increased over $1 million  
  • Monthly new patients now average 93 (up from 70)
  • Average monthly production up by $100,000
  • Patient referrals more than doubled from 25% - 55%!

Outstanding Practice Results:

What I can tell you about Patient News is that I’ve worked with multiple Patient News Account Managers and each one is very good at what they do. If you have a lot going on at your office I’d suggest letting Patient News handle your newsletter.

The demographic and area analysis that Patient News provides helps our practice have a more targeted market. It gives us the capability to determine whether or not we change or expand our marketing radius. 

The Marketing Performance Dashboard has helped us figure out what works and what doesn’t. It allows us to see how many calls are coming in from our newsletter.

The results analysis and trajectory reports provided by our Account Manager help us refine our target market and bring “good” patients to the practice.

Our best tip to book more new-patient appointments is to make sure your call center/front desk teams are great on the phones.

The offers patients have responded to most are the free ones. FREE consultations get patients in the door. It’s your team’s job to keep them as patients. 

Insurance can be tricky so we provide complimentary benefit checks and use the word “work” with all insurances, opposed to “in network with” or “accept.”

I recommend you try Patient News if you are accepting new patients into your practice. 

The best thing we ever purchased for the practice is this quarter’s referral contest prize, a 60” TV that 
is displayed in our lobby.

The best thing about working with Patient News is that they are incredibly helpful. They allow me to focus my time on other areas of marketing in the practice. Very nice and easy to work with!

About Eagle Falls Dentistry

The best thing about being a dentist is helping patients with their confidence by improving/maintaining their smile.

Younger dentists today should  should continue to learn. 

We support our local community by donating to local fundraisers/charities, being a part of the local Chamber of Commerce and park districts, and attending community events.