Dr. Fueredi - They Are Now A Standard In Our Office

Dr. Barbara Fueredi

Practice Background

Dr. Barbara Fueredi owns and operates a family practice with her husband Dr. David Clary. They have provided the highest standard of dental and specialist health care to their patients and families in Naples for over 25 years.

Client since: Fall 2005

Program: Patient Acquisition Newsletter

Q&A With Dr. Barbara Fueredi

Since I started with Patient News, I’ve met some amazing people at PNP and they have become friends. They are concerned with getting the best results and offer great suggestions to fit the scope and vision of my practice. My patients have become accustomed to receiving these newsletters and they are now a standard in our office.

Try Patient News if you want to collaborate with a very knowledgeable group of people for a print newsletter campaign, social media, and Holiday Greetings. The articles are timely and can be written especially for you. The team that identifies the distribution area brings forward information to help you decide your best target area. My consultant has developed a relationship with me over the years and understands me and my practice. She asks questions about what I want to promote and offers insights and suggestions as to what my patients want to hear about.

Since incorporating Patient News into my marketing mix, we have been able to reach out to potential new patients in our neighborhood. The quality of the newsletter and its information is current, timely, and of very high quality. Potential patients are welcomed to contact the office for an appointment, ask questions about what they have read, and to inquire about our services. We have gained new patients and have successfully met their needs. We now have new ambassadors in our community!

The offers patients respond to most? To call and ask questions of our staff and see if they are a fit for our practice. We welcome them to find out more about us. I enjoy featuring our staff in newsletters so they know some of the faces in the practice. I believe the consistency of the newsletters is of tremendous value, not only in content but mailing schedule.

Younger dentists today should admit they don’t know it all and seek the help of professionals outside the world of clinical dentistry. Reach out to people like PNP. We learn so very little of this in dental schools. Remember the Golden Rule: treat people as you want to be treated.

The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was a great relationship with my orthodontist in Wisconsin as a child and a terrific mentor in my family dentist growing up. They were both terrific dentists and enjoyed their patients and the relationships. The sense of family in their offices everyday greatly influenced me to want that same thing for myself.Dr. Fueredi - They Are Now A Standard In Our Office

The best thing about being a dentist is the ability to change a smile and develop relationships with our patients! We often see our patients more frequently than their physicians do. What a tremendous opportunity the entire team has to listen to our patients and provide current knowledge relating to their health, and we make sure they know how special they are to us!

The worst thing about being a dentist is the fact that people are afraid of you!

I support my local community through causes and organizations that are “the face” of my patients; I’m happy to help them out whenever I can. Whether it be supporting a local sports event, golf tournament, cancer walk, or even an advertisement for a high school or church event, you can count on us to help! I like to support those people that I know and can see a direct benefit.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to spend time with my husband and fur children (3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and travel. I recently came back from a safari in Botswana! This should be on everyone’s “bucket list.” I hope to go back again in a few years!

Dr. Barbara Fueredi's 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks