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When opportunity knocks, it’s not a bad thing to take advantage. And opportunity is now when it comes to building better practice awareness in your community and confirming your position as THE dental office your neighbors should choose.

The coronavirus pushed people to digital media more than ever in history, so now direct mail for dental offices is in an exceptional position to drive results over digital because it triggers a surge of neurological reactions that subconsciously influence emotions and directly influences purchasing behaviors.

The pandemic has been tough on dentistry, but our clients are rebounding and have experienced record year-over-year production over the past few months. Is that because most of our clients engage in print marketing? They proactively communicated with patients-of-record and with their communities. I believe, and the data proves it, that a proactive approach to patient and neighborhood mailings is the differentiator that has pushed Patient NEWS clients production levels to 25% ++ higher than the ADA reported industry average production.

As published in What They Think, customer journeys have become much more important because of the pandemic, and direct mail has and does play an integral role in making the dental patient journey a positive one. We’ve been long talking about the importance of the modern patient journey, from brand awareness (which happens because of location, direct mail, paid media, and word of mouth) through to patient advocacy and the loyalty loop. Direct mail plays an integral part because it is the ONLY medium that can reach 100% of your target audience. The ONLY medium for 100% reach. The only way for your dental office to directly speak with area households and rise above competing dental offices. The only way to share your message with 100% of homes.


Direct mail has been proven, over and over, to be more tactile, more tangible, and more impactful that digital marketing, creating a more memorable impression on human brains. Not only that, it’s highly trackable.

And today, people are spending more time with their mail, in homes, where 90% of buying decisions are made.

There is a BIG OPPORTUNITY for dental offices to engage in direct mail marketing and win more market share. Your neighbors, who live in the homes around your practice, are AT HOME more than they’ve ever been. And they’re looking for connection. Direct mail is reliable. It’s recognized. It’s trustworthy. It’s welcomed.

This all adds up to opportunity for the dental office that takes action. But just any direct mail isn’t the answer. You’re a professional, and you need a newsletter. BECAUSE the 11x17” format of our newsletter is perceived as “magazine-style,” consumers brains assign more credibility and importance to the content. This is GREAT NEWS because print ads, like magazines and newsletters, received in the mail are the MOST TRUSTED AD CHANNEL BEFORE PURCHASING.

Now you know that your direct mail campaign will have a much higher likelihood of being read by head-of-household decision makers than it did pre-pandemic – and our client results are proving this to be true. And not only is a single decision-maker at home, you have both decision-makers at home. When could you find that audience in the past?

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Your practice. Your brand. Your message. On average, our clients are +108% over last year’s production – despite the pandemic. Targeted direct mail works, and our neighborhood newsletters are the BEST way to build practice awareness and get more new patients.

  • Noticeable in 3-5 seconds to establish relevance
  • Easy to understand and memorable
  • Optimized content will differentiate your practice so you stand out
  • Higher motivation-to-act scores than postcards or digital marketing – almost 2X
  • Large format is more tactile, tangible, and has more emotional appeal – with content patients love, like a new recipe each month – clients rave at how patients rave about the recipes!

Direct mail is in an exceptional position to drive results over digital marketing because it triggers a surge of neurological reactions that subconsciously influence emotions and directly influence purchasing behaviors. This is not to say anything against digital marketing – we do it all, websites, paid media, email marketing – just that there is a BIG opportunity to increase new patient flow by adding direct mail or increasing your direct mail campaign right now.

As we do with all of our marketing solutions, we recently re-engaged True Impact, the leading neuromarketing research and strategy firm, to conduct a study to quantify the effectiveness of our physical piece, design elements, and positioning. We ensure that our clients marketing campaigns are optimized to quickly establish relevance with the target audience – dentistry is an emotional buying-decision – so understanding the dental-consumer mind is imperative for success. You can count on your

marketing campaigns, and specifically in this blog, your dental neighborhood newsletters to be more impactful, eye-catching, and relevant. We create custom, branded content that is easier for dental consumers to enjoy and understand. And because of the large format and great content, your direct mail campaigns get higher engagement, are more memorable, and more likely to drive the actions you want – a visit to your website, a call to your phone, and an appointment booked!

Plus, Practice ZEBRA, our proprietary dental software, tracks your new-patient activity so you know exactly how impactful your campaigns are – right down to the penny that new patients spend with your practice. The results are visible and impressive.

I’m super excited about the results our clients are experiencing, and the opportunity we have to help more dental offices regain their footing, take their existing success to the next level, and secure practice production and profit. After all, it’s all about practice security and valuation, and a steady flow of new patients and market gain makes the books look pretty great.

Schedule a free consultation, see a free demo of Practice ZEBRA if you’re not already connected, and my team will prepare a detailed demographic report to show you the opportunities that await your practice.

Direct mail for dentists. We do it better than anyone in the dental industry. Call today.

Because a newsletter contains both text and imagery, it’s very important that attention goes to the right regions (the areas where you want people to look), i.e. phone number, call-to-action, and that our images add texture which the brain can easily identify, i.e. “people,” which adds to the positivity of emotional response.

Dental patients are more emotional than any target audience. With brand experience happening “in the mind,” we've applied every direct mail methodology to impact patients and get them to ACT.

In addition to all this, our neighborhood newsletter campaigns include:

  1. Market area demographic, competitor, market share analysis, and TARGETED list development
  2. Custom messaging and imagery suited to the demographic buying preferences
  3. Refreshed quality, educational content monthly, with a new recipe patients love
  4. 100 lb top-quality bright white FSC-approved paper
  5. Call tracking, recording, and scoring – and call coaching with Phone Power
  6. INSTANT missed opportunity alerts (catch patients BEFORE they move on to a competitor)
  7. Missed call alerts – to you and courtesy text to patients for great customer service
  8. ROI analysis and accurate attribution down to the penny patients spend in actual production in Practice ZEBRA
  9. Campaign management, printing, distribution, and postage
  10. Personal account success manager to help every step of the way.

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