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Patient NEWS drives new patients to dental practices

Google “dental marketing agency Illinois” and you’re bound to generate many listings. Some may be based in your city, others not. You want to avoid getting burned or wasting your time, so you embark on your research – like a patient looking for a new dental provider. But you’re unsure which factors matters most.

As a company solely focused on the dental space, Patient NEWS knows what it takes to get the ROI you want with each campaign. We’re all on the same mission, which is to help you:

  • Attract more new patients
  • Retain more quality patients
  • Increase revenue & valuation
  • Elevate your reputation.

Throughout our 28-year history, we’ve been laser-focused on helping solo and group practices stand out and grow in their communities. Our products work for clients because we conduct extensive market area and competitor research, provide a full array of services, and have a team of dental marketing experts working in tandem to provide value.

In recent years, we’ve stepped up our game by introducing Practice ZEBRA and Weblift™ dental website design services in Illinois. Practice ZEBRA is the all-in-one cloud-based software that will help you maximize production and value. It features a user-friendly dashboard that serves up real-time data via your computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Jason Monroe, the owner of Village Green Dental Center, considers it the best dental software in Illinois. “Wow, what a dashboard. There are so many useful tools on Practice ZEBRA’s dashboard – and all in one place.”

Have a group practice or DSO? Give ZEBRA Enterprise a spin. This tool makes it possible to view various key performance metrics across multiple offices, so you can see exactly where you’re making gains and which locations need attention.

There’s a lot we can help you and your team with. Don’t delay – pick up the phone and let’s get started!

Dental marketing in Illinois works

“Working with the people at Patient NEWS is always amazing. [They’re] easy to work with and always there for you to help with anything you might need.” – Greta K., Village Green Dental Center, Aurora, IL