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Get More New Dental Patients

Improving call conversion ... with Call Scoring


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Offering superior customer service and patient care is probably a key component of your mission, vision, and philosophy. But when it comes to managing to excellence at every patient touch point, time can run short.

That’s why scoring your inbound marketing calls can be so invaluable. When you incorporate call scoring on all of your dental marketing campaigns, not only will you maximize results on specific campaigns, you will also increase practice production across the board.

Call scoring provides you with the insights needed to:

  • Identify training and coaching needs
  • Implement the scripts and guidelines you expect for new patient calls 
  • Respond more quickly to new patient inquiries & provide better customer service
  • Increase individual conversion rates


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Don’t mistake your call tracking system with call scoringWith Patient News and our Marketing Performance Dashboard, you get the best of both worlds. Call tracking and call scoring plus marketing analytics provide you with complete visibility to your marketing and practice results. When used properly, your team will begin to continually schedule more and more appointments. 

Using our proprietary Phone Power system, we listen to every call, scoring on all key call handling elements … from how the greeting is handled to reinforcement of the practice competitive advantages, and of course, successfully setting of appointments. We support your team in their efforts by providing Phone Power telephone training modules which help team members improve their skills.

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Immediate missed call and voicemail alerts.

Because we listen to every inbound call, we can immediately queue dropped and voice mail calls back to your office for fast follow up. While all calls that your team answers live are queued into our scoring process, you get instant alerts to contact potential new patients - before they move on to the next dental practice. You might think that new patients will leave a voicemail message, but most do not. In order to stop patients from calling the next dentist on their list, your team needs to respond quickly. 

These instant alerts include the callers' name, call back number, and recording so you can WOW your new patient with speedy service.

Today’s new patient is looking for great service, value, and convenience. Estimated to have a value of $5,000 (plus referrals) for a dental practice, it’s imperative that you and your team catch that interested patient before they move on. Call scoring, team training, and our instant missed/voicemail call alerts ensure your dental practice stands out as THE ONE to choose in your community. 

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