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Dental Marketing Results Made Visible

Making The Most Of Your Dental Marketing Budget

Improve your dental marketing results ... with Call Tracking

You’re investing time and resources into the development of your new patient marketing campaigns because you want to attract a steady flow of quality new dental patients. But are you also proactively tracking which campaigns are driving the best results? With so many moving parts in your marketing plan, and so many moving parts at your front desk, it’s virtually impossible to accurately track results. 

Unfortunately anecdotal monitoring and tracking isn’t effective, and inaccurate information gathering can lead to business decisions that can negatively impact the dental practice stability and the security of the dentist and dental team. 

It's important that you:

  • Know which campaigns are driving calls and when
  • Monitor how many calls are being missed or lost to voicemail
  • Stay nimble by having reliable data on which you can confidently act

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For a dentist, implementing call tracking is simple. A unique phone number is added to each marketing initiative and it links directly to your dental practice phone line. Your front desk team of call handlers answers the way they would answer any inbound call. Calls are tracked, logged to each campaign, and recorded.

You can then view a listing of all inbound calls, including the name and number of each caller, the date, time, and the length of each call. However, most dentists don't have enough time to review, analyze, and listen to all of their inbound calls, let alone consolidate the findings and then take actionable steps to improve practice performance. That's where call scoring and our our Marketing Performance Dashboard can make a significant positive impact on practice productivity.

Using our proprietary new dental patient grading system (based on our best-practice Phone Power training program), we listen to every call scoring on key call handling elements … from how the greeting is handled to reinforcement of the practice competitive advantages, and of course, successfully setting of appointments. We support your team in their efforts by providing Phone Power telephone training modules which help team members improve their skills.

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More than tracking ... Patient News provides Call Scoring.

You might think that new patients will leave a voice mail message, but most do not. In order to stop patients from calling the next dentist on their list, your team needs to respond quickly.  

Because we listen to every inbound call for scoring, we can immediately alert your team when a call is missed or is sent to voicemail. These instant alerts include the callers name, call back number, and the call recording so you can WOW your new patient with speedy service. All of this is available through our Marketing Performance Dashboard and tracking packages. 

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