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Research firms charge $500+ for the exact reports we use to target your marketing campaigns. 

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We've successfully helped dentists for 23+ years target their "ideal" prospective patient. Combine our in-depth demographic analysis reporting with our high-quality educational direct mail campaigns and you will:

  • Build & strengthen patient relationships
  • Establish yourself as the expert in your field
  • Attract MORE new high quality patients

With Patient News, your dental marketing campaigns will generate great response. In a nationwide consumer preference study, convenience to home was number one, but you might not know which areas are primed to respond most. If your piece is delivered to the wrong area, response will be adversley affected and possibly nonexistent. It's important to choose a marketing partner that understands the key components of targeting and list development as well as content and campaign development.

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How Targeting Works

We begin by carefully analyzing the households in your area and preparing a detailed demographic profile. We clearly show you how we determine areas primed to respond to your creative and offers. Research, data analysis, and years of experience show that women make 80% of all healthcare decisions, so we target those decision makers in a specific geographic area surrounding your practice.

This will maximize your marketing dollars, reduce waste, and increase response.

Our unique formula, coupled with accurately timed mailing schedule, generates maximum awareness, builds your “brand,” and creates a steady flow of new patients. Call 888.377.2404 now or request a FREE Brochure.

One of the biggest drawbacks to ordinary advertising is that if you find something that works, every dentist will start doing the same thing. That dilutes your message and robs you of any market advantage. Your Custom Branded Neighborhood Newsletter & Postcard Campaign avoids this problem by granting you exclusive rights the use of this content in the territory you specify. Each piece is clearly branded to your practice and highlights only your unique competitive advantages and no other dentist can use the neighborhood newsletter system.

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