Dental Logo Development and Branding

Is your logo patient friendly? Is it reflective of your practice
style and reputation? 

Logo development

Accurately reflect your dental practice with a beautiful, modern logo design. Create instant awareness across all marketing channels and improve practice valuation.

Our dental logo development and refresh program offers you an easy, affordable and convenient solution to update that tired old tooth! We include file formats in greyscale, black & white and both web and print quality files. 

What's Your Identity?

Positively shape your image

Affordable, customized and convenient, we can update your logo to resonate with your primary target audience, the female head-of-household. A quality logo will inspire trust, immediate recognition and implied superiority. Your patients and prospects want to know that you offer leading-edge techniques and technologies, and an old-fashioned logo can negatively impact practice growht potential.

Don't worry, a logo isn't required to start your newsletter campaign, in fact, we love to design your newsletter without the limitations of an outdated logo that may not incorporate color schemes that we know will draw response. If you have a logo that you like, we can easily update the look, quality and color to ensure that it reflects your practice today and into the future. 

Dental Logo Designs

Communicate your values & distinguish your practice

Dental marketing should be engaging, dynamic and effective and that's true for your logo. This isn't just a placeholder on your stationary and reminder cards, it's a symbol that represents your dental practice.

Branding word cloud

Here are 5 dental marketing tips for your dental logo:

  1. Your target audience. Women make more than 90% of all healthcare decisions. If your logo design looks dark, dull, rugged or antiquated, it will not draw these important decision-makers to your door.

  2. Your practice image. Are you family friendly, do you have a sense of humor or are you more professional and business-like? Your logo should represent what patients should expect.

  3. Future growth. Do you want to allow opportunity for practice transition or sale without having the dentists name embedded in the brand?

  4. Patient & family opinion. They may mean well but unless they are marketing experts, their vote should account for 20% of your decision-making process. Logo design experts have completed the research and understand how to evaluate your market and goals to create a great logo that will meet your needs. Pretty might win awards, but it won't necessarily beat the competition.

  5. Competition. Run a google search and look at competitive websites and logo designs. Choose a distinctive look for your practice. You want to stand out. 

Ultimately your logo needs to reflect your practice and appeal to your patients. Call one of our dental marketing experts for more information today.