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Dental marketing brochures made easy. Custom written, designed and printed by dental marketing professionals! Call 888-377-2404 today to find out how Patient News can help you produce effective dental brochures.

Dental Marketing Brochures For Your Patients That Make A Difference

We'll create the perfect patient brochure for your office. The next time you walk through your reception area, look at what patients have to take with them to learn more about your services or to hand out to friends and family. Your brochure should reflect your philosophies and practice style and include all of your services and any special policies patients should be aware of. 

By sharing great information with your practice family, you're once again setting yourself apart and distinguishing your practice from others.


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Does your dental marketing brochure reflect your dental practice? Are you still dragging up old out-of-date brochures when asked? Do you even have a general office brochure? Let's bring your brochure package up-to-date now! 

It's hard to devote time to creating a great office brochure but these little babies come in so handy! Every new patient should leave your practice with a tangible reminder of how great you are and all of the services you offer. The last thing you need is a patient coming in after treatment from another dentist because they didn't realize you offer the same service!

Share copies at community events, encourage your team to hand out to friends and family and post them with referring professional locations.


Call 888-377-2404 and we'll make it easy for you to have a great looking,

effective practice brochure!  


New Patient Acquisition

When designed and written to speak directly to the decision makers in your practice neighborhood, a dental practice brochure in a newsletter format will attract quality new patients to your practice. Using your stand out branding and outlining your unique value proposition in a brochure mailed directly to the households in your practice neighborhood will get you results, but did you know that newsletters get a 70% higher response than postcards? 

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Increase Patient Lifetime Value

Increase trust and case acceptance by educating your dental patients about your products and services while showing them the clear benefits of choosing the treatments you recommend. Using your practice brochure to educate your patients on the value of optimal oral health and its impact on their overall health will reduce perceived indifference, reduce attrition, and improve case acceptance.

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Excellent! Patient News is always ready and willing to help us in any way they can, from content to format to customer service. Our patients love it!

- Dr. Kathleen Carson , Westlake Dental Arts

We're very satisfied! Great customer service!

- Dr. Guy Mancuso, Twin Peaks Dentistry
Great Dental Office Brochures
From the dental marketing experts

Custom Dental Brochures Made Easy. 

Written, designed, printed & shipped to your door!

Having a dental office brochure may seem like a low priority, but in reality a great dental office brochure can be one of the handiest, and most affordable, marketing tools a dentist can have.

Producing an effective dental office brochure is easy when you trust our expert team. They understand the importance of tone, content, purpose, and design, all based on your target audience and demographic. Our professional copywriters have thousands of articles available on every service a dentist offers, plus we have professional photography that will elevate and not detract from your messaging.

If you have an existing brochure, does it reflect your professional standing and reputation or is it something that people would immediately throw away?

You also want to consider your brand image and patient population. What will resonate with them? Is a contemporary design with a modern appeal suited to your area, or do you need a softer approach that would help to alleviate patient anxiety for younger families or seniors that may have had bad experiences in the past?

Our team of dental marketing experts work with you to create a dental office brochure that reflects your style and services.  It’s important to choose a professional provider so that your brochure sets you apart as an authority in dentistry, and the dental expert your patients want to turn to.

We are your one-stop-shop for content, design and printing for your next office brochure. We can easily and quickly get you started, prepare a draft that you’ll view and approve (with any required changes applied) and then we’ll have your beautiful brochure printed and shipped to you within a month!

Consider Patient News your in-house dental marketing team – without the added labor cost! We’ll take care of everything you need, call one of our dental marketing experts today to talk about your practice situation and find out how we can help!