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Direct Mail Wins With 100% Reach

Direct Mail Marketing for Dentists


Dental Flyers That STAND OUT Increase New Patient Response

STAND OUT Dental Marketing Direct Mail

Consumers think that all dentists offer the same thing. Your mailers must make your practice STAND OUT from the myriad of others.


Get More Dental Patients
With The Strongest Return On Investment

Stop Wasting Time And Money
Stop wasting time and effort with less effective dental marketing tactics. Go straight to the source. Reach 100% of your target new patients with direct mail dental marketing.


Direct Mail Dental Marketing Works! Increase practice revenue - Get new dental patients - Keep existing patients longer - Generates more patient referrals


Direct Mail Dental Marketing
Is The Most Effective Solution For Dentists

  • easier to understand & more memorable than digital (far higher brand recall)
  • far more persuasive than digital media (motivational response was 4x higher)
  • visually processed in less time than digital media
  • more likely to drive behavior than digital media.

Direct Mail Dental Marketing Is Effective

Direct Mail Dental Marketing Is More Powerful

Direct Mail Dental Marketing Is More Powerful

The outline of a brain with a warm, yellow light glowing in itDirect Mail Facts: 

  • 81% of recipients read or scan their mail daily
  • 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like your newsletter) rather than a traditional ad


We Know Direct Mail Works
And We Can Prove It

Direct mail dental marketing is a distinct science and our campaign tactics are based on years of research, study, and real-time experience.

We have done the studies… If you apply the variables that we can control, you can double your potential new patient response.

Patient News 23+ years, 7000 dentists, 140 million mailed


Direct Mail Yields The Highest ROI
Actual Patient News Client Results

  • 24:1 ROI from Patient News’ patient acquisition marketing
  • 200% increase of new patients per month
  • Year-over-year revenue increase – $900,000 to $2 million





Dr. Bradley Broughton

If you need an increase in production, I recommend Patient News!

- Dr. Bradley Broughton, Batesville Dental
Dr. Mike Malone, Lafayette LA

In today's world, it's unusual to find a company that actually follows through on promises and commitments, but PNP has delivered.

- Dr. Mike Malone, Mike Malone, D.D.S. & Associates

I recommend you try Patient News if you are searching for the biggest immediate bang for your buck.

- Dr. Todd Maggiore, Cedar Point Dental
Make Your Practice Stand Out
In the most competitive market ever

Your patients and prospects are being marketed to by other dentists every day. Unfortunately consumers perceive that all dentists are the same. Sending the same promotional piece or postcard mailing after mailing will not help distinguish your dental practice.

Differentiate your practice with Patient News. We help you clearly communicate your unique value in an educational format. Women make more than 90% of all healthcare buying decisions and they need quality information and confidence-building before committing to a high-value service like dentistry.

Are you confident your marketing is doing all it can to help your practice stand out in your community? 

  1. Are you frustrated by the confines of other marketing?
  2. Are you locked into a program by prepaid printing expense?
  3. Are you getting call tracking, call scoring and a clear reporting dashboard?

If the quality and presentation of your materials doesn't properly reflect your practice and professionalism or support your value proposition and differentiating features, please call for a FREE CONSULTATION today. 

It's a comprehensive marketing system. 

Our unique system and format gives your practice the competitive edge. You're a quality professional and your marketing should reflect this. It must also build practice awareness, engage patients, attract prospects, drive web visits and improve overall results.

If you want to grow your practice, but don't want to compete on price alone, our educational format will support your unique practice philosophy, providing the patients you need and the financial security you want. 

Contact us to improve your overall practice success. 

We do the work. You get the rewards. 

We understand what it takes to cultivate a new dental patient and retain them for a lifetime. We identify your competitive advantages, review your marketing experiences, analyze your market, competitor activity and uncover your best opportunities. 

We save you time. Our proven systems alleviate your burden and call tracking, scoring and team training ensure that your practice operates at peak efficiency to maximize your results.

We help your practice STAND OUT above the rest.