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Direct Mail Dental Neighborhood Newsletters & Postcards



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It's Proven! Neighborhood Newsletters drive 70% HIGHER new-patient call volume than postcards.

Conducted in 300 unique demographic markets both mailer styles featured the same content, imagery and offers and targeted the same recipients. For every 10 calls generated by a postcard, a newsletter generated 17. That's significant and that's why we recommend newsletters as your number one choice. Plus newsletters enhance your professional reputation and build more positive awareness for the dental practice. 
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Reach More New Patients
The ace in your dental marketing campaign: custom direct mail 
dental newsletters that provide educational content sent to your target market on a monthly basis highlighting your competitive advantages. 


Watch the video below to see how your dental practice can STAND OUT and generate more new patient calls!

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Imagine Your Brand, Your Content,
Your Expertise! 

Your target audience, the female head-of-household responds to quality information

Our process starts with us getting to know you. We learn everything we can about you and your brand including identifying your key attributes and reviewing your marketing experiences, successes, challenges, and current goals. We analyze your market using sophisticated technologies to uncover your best opportunities for growth. 

We combine this knowledge and understanding with our 24+ years of dental marketing experience and more than 175 million pieces mailed to create a unique and truly customized campaign that targets your area, establishing you as the dental expert consumers should turn to first. We track and monitor your results to ensure your practice is on a positive growth trajectory. 




Dr. Elizabeth Taleski

No exaggeration – good experience from the first to the last person we have worked with at Patient News. I’ve known owners Karen Galley & Wayne Lavery since the early days and our Account Managers have all been supportive and helpful. I can attest to the success of using Patient News.

- Dr. Elizabeth Taleski, Dr. Elizabeth Taleski
Dr. David Roholt, Pier 210 Dental Group, Auburn, CA

We’ve been using PNP for many years and have always been happy. Initially for (patient) newsletters... then to grow the practice, we worked together to determine our best market areas. Try Patient News if you want more good new patients.

- Dr. David Roholt, Pier 210 Dental Group
Dr. Bradley Dykstra

I recommend Patient News if you are looking for more new patients!

- Dr. Bradley Dykstra, Hudsonville Dental Associates

Generate More New Patients
Stand out! Quality educational content in the newsletter format significantly increases response.
In fact, 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like a newsletter) rather than a traditional ad. Plus our comprehensive program includes tracking insights and team training to maximize every new patient call! 

For More Quality New Patients
Stand out ... or lose out. We ensure YOU are the dentist in your area – the one people turn to when they have a need. Your educational message triggers consumers to act proactively about their oral health, so you attract quality patients who refer friends and family.
The change of economic conditions and increasing competition from solo and group practices has elevated the need to be a STAND OUT dental practice.
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The Patient News Advantage

There are other suppliers that do some of what we do, but none do all of what we do. For a proven, reliable and trusted new-patient acquisition system that will help you gain and secure important market share, call our team today. A large rainbow-coloured butterfly flying next to a smaller, brown butterfly

  • Excellent Service – Guaranteed
  • The Message Is Yours
  • You & Your Team Save Time & Hassle
  • Product Flexibility & Area Exclusivity
  • Accountability For Improved Results

Your Patient News team and personal Account Manager care about your success. We enhance your brand and practice philosophies to elevate your community standing. Our proven systems alleviate the burden of marketing from you and your team – trust us, we're the experts! We track, score, and report on your results to ensure that you're on track to achieving your goals. Increase your new-patient flow, improve practice productivity, and blow away last year's numbers!

We'll ensure you stand out in your community! Call for a free consultation and more dental marketing ideas today. 

92% of healthcare decisions are made by women. This influential group wants high-quality educational information to make good decisions for their families. And it's not about an age demographic. People of all ages prefer to learn about a business via postal mail rather than online sources. 

  1. 98% of our top campaigns feature a newsletter.
  2. 70% of newsletter users achieve a higher-than-anticipated response.

Quality meaningful information will resonate with your target audience and this superior presentation will further establish your practice as an authority in your field. Rather than an obvious promotion, a high-quality custom-branded newsletter will set you apart from other dentists in your area. In the sea of flyers, postcards and promo items, newsletters create a unique visibility that only thousands of public speaking events each year could replicate. 

If you want to "get out into your community" we can do it for you, consistently and professionally, while driving the financial results you want. Call for more information now.