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Patient Newsletters

Reduce Attrition & Increase Patient Lifetime Value


  Reduce Attrition. Increase Practice Revenue.  

Sample Patient Dental Newsletter

How Newsletters Are Your #1 Dental Patient Retention Tool

Customized, high-quality patient newsletters mailed to your patients of record assist you in educating your patients, and in many cases this results in higher utilization, especially for elective services. Most importantly a patient newsletter builds strong patient/doctor relationships, strengthening trust and reducing attrition. 


Increase Dental Patient Lifetime ValueNewsletters help you

  • Reduce Attrition
  • Increase Patient Lifetime Value
  • Increase Elective Services
  • Increase Referrals
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Increase Practice Revenue


Newsletters Mailed In Envelopes
The professional presentation increases readership

Patient News handles all mailing details, saving you precious time and money!

When you insert your patient newsletter into high-quality white linen #10 business envelopes with your logo in full color an actual postage stamp – your open rates and readership rates will increase.

All addresses are checked for accuracy and duplicates are removed to eliminate postage waste, and since we operate our own mailing facility, on-time delivery is guaranteed.


Generate More Revenue From Existing Patients

Customized, high-quality newsletters mailed to your patients of record assist you in educating your patients,
and in many cases this results in higher utilization, especially for elective services. Most importantly a patient
newsletter builds strong patient/doctor relationships, strengthening trust and reducing attrition.

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Every Patient Newsletter Has Customized Articles And Free Writing

Personalization yields results! Our team of experienced writers will research and create custom articles just for your practice. Spotlight a team member, introduce new technology, talk about recent CE, or promote an event.

Multiple Topic Categories

  • General & Family Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Kids, Teens, Adults, Boomers & Seniors
  • Products, Procedures & Technology
  • Referrals, Recall & Office Events, or Services
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition
  • Cosmetic Services, Orthodontics & more


I have enjoyed working with Patient News. Patient education is a key component to any successful practice, and your own customized newsletter is one of the most effective ways to keep in regular contact with patients and prospective patients about the products and services available at your dental practice, increasing patient lifetime value. I highly recommend Patient News!

- Dr. Bill Dorfman,

I recommend Patient News if you want a collaboration with a very knowledgeable group of people for print, social media, and email. The content is timely and can be written especially for your practice. I have found that my consultant (Account Manager Jean Broersma) has developed a relationship with me over the years and understands me and my practice.

- Dr. Barbara Fueredi, Barbara A. Fueredi, D.D.S.

Thank you to you and your team members for helping me create what I feel is our best newsletter ever.

- Dr. Robert Odegard ,

Increase Referrals
Patient referrals should represent 50% of your new patient flow. Did you know that patients will refer up to five more patients to your practice? That's right, but only if you ask consistently and build awareness for your program.

Our top quality referral programs, custom cards and loyalty gift cards make it easy for you to professionally present your request to patients. Ask our team about the various ways we can enhance your patient retention program to increase patient referrals. 

Increasing Lifetime Value
The average patient's lifetime value is approximately $5,000 – excluding referrals! That means that every patient that walks through your door gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your revenue ... and your profits. 

By providing a superior patient experience, outside of your practice in addition to face to face appointments you will reduce attrition, secure loyalty, increase referrals, improve case acceptance and improve the lifetime value of every patient.

Patient Newsletters Are Definitely In Style

Our years of dental marketing research and dental advertising experience have proven that newsletters generate the best new patients and are the best tool for practice development. 

Your dental newsletters serve as the friendly and professional forum you need to communicate with your patients and foster a strong referral program. A quarterly newsletter will enhance the long-term success of your patient relationships and increase your practice income. 

Build and strengthen your patient relationships by providing value added service and great patient care. Pre-recession relationship marketing made up the largest percentage of advertising budgets in all business sectors. During and post-recession there was a dramatic shift to acquisition marketing which means that you have a unique and powerful opportunity to stand out with your patients-of-record.A butterfly flying next to a rainbow-colored butterfly

  • Reduce Attrition
  • Increase Elective Services
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Increase Referrals
  • Educate & Engage Patients

Contact us today to receive a FREE marketing consultation and find out if a patient newsletter might be just the right addition to your marketing mix. 

At Patient News, we understand direct marketing strategies and the vital aspects of improving readership. That's why we mail your newsletters in high-quality white #10 envelopes - proven to increase open rates and readership. Because your newsletter is mailed in an envelope, we can insert additional promotional items like product brochures, referral and loyalty cards at no additional mailing costs. Envelopes provide opportunities!

And forget about the most time-consuming task your team deals with if you're producing your own newsletter - mailing! No more stuffing envelopes, printing labels or addresses - our state-of-the-art technologies custom print your full-color logo, return address and address each piece to each recipient on your list. It's the most professional and cost effective patient newsletter program available to dentists today. Please call for more information and add this important component to your marketing mix now.