Practice Zebra

Practice ZEBRA™

An advanced and innovative integrated software solution that connects practice and marketing intelligence to improve practice performance at every phase of the patient journey. Before any marketing decisions are made, you need to see your practice through Practice ZEBRA™. This advanced technology brings your top metrics and trends to light so you can make data-driven decisions that will grow your practice or group of practices.



Practice ZEBRA™ makes your metrics and trends easily visible, an when combined with your market opportunity and online situation analysis, these key performance indicators assist you in making data-driven decisions regarding your operations and marketing strategy


Production by month metrics


A key performance indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively your practice is achieving key business objectives. What you measure will be what you manage to.

Putting together hundreds of different reports is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what data matters. Practice ZEBRA™ consolidates your most important data points so that you can drive the operational behaviors you need for growth.


Practice ZEBRA™ Marketing Intelligence

Call tracking and scoring: patients want a great customer service experience. Call scoring allows you to increase the number of new-patient opportunities your practice converts by evaluating how inbound calls are handled. You’ll be able to confidently make operational decisions to improve your new-patient flow.


Practice Zebra Sample

Practice Zebra Marketing Inteligence Sample

Web analytics

Web analytics: Attract more visitors by knowing what content is most appealing and improve your user experience.

Measure marketing impact: with advanced analytics and attribution you’ll know if your targeted marketing efforts are working. You’ll know which marketing channels are most effective for your practice – and Practice ZEBRA™ even connects targeted direct mail campaigns to new patients and their specific production value! You’ll see exactly where patients are coming from.

Practice ZEBRA™ is the dentists marketing and practice performance dashboard. Make better decisions. Increase practice production.



Get More Patient Reviews – Review Booster Rocket

Asking patients for reviews works when you make it easy, and it shows you care. Receive a steady flow of new reviews with our enhanced automated reputation management feature in Practice ZEBRA™.

Did you know that more than half of consumers who post a review expect a response on the site? It’s proven that customer advocacy increases when businesses respond to a review. For example, Yelp users are 33% more likely to upgrade their review if a business responds with a personal message. Likewise, if a negative review is ignored, advocacy goes down.

With Practice ZEBRA™, you can monitor reviews on all review sites, respond in a timely manner and use negative reviews as an opportunity to improve – and show readers you care!

And we help you BOOST REVIEWS! And we’re Patient News, so you’ll also be sending educational content to your patients – setting your practice apart. After each appointment, patients will receive a unique, value-added dental article along with your request for an online review. More than just “how was your experience” you’ll be providing enhanced value to your patients, getting great feedback – and more reviews! Earning your stripes is part of your Practice ZEBRA™ experience.



Reduce Churn & Get More Referrals – Monthly eNewsletters

E-Newsletter Sample

Email is a more effective sales and communication channel that social media. In fact, it’s at least 4x more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook. Practice ZEBRA™ will help you collect patient email addresses and then this automated solution help you keep your monthly house calls!

A monthly education newsletter will help you nurture and strengthen your patient relationships. Including high-quality dental health educational content and a prompt for referrals of friends and family, your newsletter will keep your contact information front and center. Never worry about uploading another list or creating new content, this convenient and easy solution helps you show patients you care, and that you are the expert they should turn to.



Practice ZEBRA™ gives you convenient access to your numbers. You’ll always know exactly how your practice is trending for patients, new patients, practice and marketing results. We help you track the right data and ask the right questions.