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Improve Patient Loyalty - Increase Referrals

Referral & Loyalty Programs


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Increase dental patient referrals and strengthen dental patient loyalty

– two ways to secure your practice. 

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Custom Referral Cards Made Easy

With Patient News you can insert your customized referral cards with your quarterly patient newsletter at no additional cost.




Patient Loyalty & Referrals

Referrals from satisfied patients are the most powerful weapon you have to keeping your practice secure. Every practice will lose roughly 15-20% of their patient base each year due to naturally occuring attrition, so keeping the incoming flow of new patients steady is imperative, otherwise the practice will start to see a decline in revenue. Unfortunately overheads and expenses remain steady, so the slow decline may take time to notice and then you face a reactive situation.

Be proactive and educate your dental patients with our custom branded dental referral and loyalty cards. Your patients will become your sales team! One of the best ways to increase your revenue and profits is to increase patient lifetime value and that includes generating more referrals per patient.A rainbow-coloured bunny looks at two white and brown bunnies laying atop each other

We offer a simple way to increase referrals with our customized dental referral card program. Knowing how to increase patient referrals is key, and one of our dental marketing experts would be pleased to assist you in setting up a campaign that will suit your practice goals. Contact Patient News today to get started on your dental referral program.