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Dental Office Demographics & Lifemodes


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Unless you have yet to select your practice site, your primary audience is the one that resides around your practice. To generate a steady flow of quality new patients and keep them coming back, it's important to clearly understand your dental office demographic landscape and the specific type of female decision makers that are most likely to choose and refer your practice.

Your area demographic will guide the decisions you make when developing the services you will offer and how you will market them.


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The demographics of the consumer

 that live around your practice will share

common experience 

  • Affluence, generational, singles or family, etc
  • Do they have children or are they empty-nesters?
  • Are your prospects double income families? Do they mostly walk or drive?
  • Are there physical barriers that prevent certain segments from choosing your practice?

There are a myriad of questions like these we help you answer in order to determine how you should adjust your marketing strategy, where to target your marketing and how to drive the best overall results for your dental practice. Start with a Free Discovery and receive a complimentary market analysis report. 


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There will be segments surrounding your practice that include prospects that you would deem ideal and some that you will want to cater too.

As a business owner, you must identify your ideal targets and understand precisely what they want from a dental service provider; you can create your ideal patient profile and make decisions about the products and services you offer.



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