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Dental Office Market Analysis

Take the guesswork out of your dental marketing plan … Increase Results!


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We help your dental office target the homes surrounding your practice that are MOST LIKELY to choose your dental services. We help you reach your best new patients with ultra-targeted dental marketing campaigns so you attract more GREAT new patients.

As a dental practice owner or manager, you need to understand who your core target audience is, what their buying behaviors are, and who you're competing with. You may even end up reprioritizing the consumers you "think" you can attract to the ones that are clearly primed for higher response - and those that will drive more value to your dental office. Get a free look at how we can help optimize and maximize your marketing efforts:

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Uncover the area’s surrounding your dental practice that will be most likely to respond to your services … so you don’t waste money trying to reach those who won’t.

This will maximize your marketing dollars, reduce waste, and increase response.

Once we analyze your existing patient base, competitor locations and demographic trends, you’ll be able to implement practice marketing programs that will generate a more reliable result. Targeting the right consumers, (list development), is one of the most critical elements to dental marketing success. Using the world’s leading geographic information system, we help you transform your marketing results.


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It's "Who" You Know

When you know who your hottest prospects are, you can strategically create marketing content and messaging that will resonate and drive higher response to your campaigns. You may be surprised what will be revealed in your market analysis, where you draw current patients from, and the opportunities that exist surrounding your practice.


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Know Your Target Market

Some dentists feel that they can draw higher-end patients from a neighboring area because the income demographics are more attractive. This may be the case, but it's critical to review the current patient draw to determine if the success rate will be worth the marketing risk. Read more…




70% Higher New Patient Response 
70%:  Knowing your market requires knowing what they respond to. Unbiased tracking proves newsletters drive significantly higher results.

Twice As Effective As Postcards
Eye tracking: “Newsletter content and design optimal. High visual focus increases consumer response. Almost twice as effective at engaging consumers as postcards.”



Why Demographic Targeting Should Matter To Dentists
Improving Your Dental Marketing Results

Dental Marketing That Generates Better Results

Two fish swimming next to a rainbow-colored fishOur indepth demographic analysis and other lifestyle, trend and mapping reports allow us to accurately and systematically provide you with the recommendations you need to maximize your dental marketing budget. In addition to detailed demographic analysis, we apply our enormous database of dental patient activity collected through call-tracking and call-scoring analytics and over 157 million mailings. This means that you can rely on our dental marketing recommendations to drive the highest response possible for your dental office. 

As an independent dental practice owner or office manager, or if you're a marketing manager for a group of dental practices, you want to be assured that your marketing dollars are being allocated in the most effective manner. Demographic market area study of the neighborhoods surrounding each dental practice allow us to predict the success rate to be expected from each dental marketing campaign. 

Demographic and existing core patient activity analysis is an imperative component for every dental marketing campaign, and therefore we include this analysis FREE to our dentist clients. We look at competitive locations and dentist to population ratios. We review where current dental patients are coming from and how far they are willing to travel to get to your dental practice. We look at age, income, home values, household types, and family style. Once we identify the characteristics of your target audience, we can pinpoint the exact areas surrounding your dental practice that are primed to respond – eliminating the need for you to mass mail to a radius around your dental office. 

Take advantage of our offer and call today to get these reports for your location. They are available as a complimentary part of our FREE CONSULTATION and we can guarantee that you will get value from these reports immediately. Call today! 



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Dr. M. Nadeau, CT
“We hired Patient News because after many years in business, new patients still said that they had no idea we were here. We wanted to make sure everyone knew we existed. Don’t worry about what other people think of your marketing. Just do it.” 


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 Dr. E. Taleski, ON
“My best piece of marketing advice is to do demographic reports (Patient News will take care of this for you) and constantly review your targeting. We cover a wide range of people and incomes and we accept all … in 18 years we have sent ½ million flyers to the same area … we have built a relationship with our community.”