Dentist Marketing Mailers

Dentist Marketing Mailers

Outsourcing your direct mail campaign may be the best move you ever make when it comes to the growth of your practice. PatientNews sends professional, affordable direct dentist marketing mailers as part of our Direct Mail service to dental practices looking for a more substantial presence in their community. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of direct mail, we invite you to see the strongest return to date on your marketing investment.

Reach 100% of Your Target Patients

No other type of marketing campaign can promise the reach that Direct Mail offers. With an email marketing campaign, you can only hope to reach a small fraction of locals- an audience that may or may not take the time to read about your services. Dentist Marketing Mailers canvass your entire neighborhood in an unobtrusive, inoffensive manner that is well-received by recipients.

Why Direct Mail Works

Mailers offer your practice a way to put your information directly in the hands of the community at one of the smallest price points of any marketing effort. By outsourcing, you’ll remain free to focus on operating your practice and providing exceptional dental care to patients while our experts manage your campaign. Our clients see an incredible response through Direct Mail in a short amount of time; you can see the same results by making a call to our team at PatientNews.

Scaling To Budget

You remain in complete control of how wide you set your reach, whether it’s just to your immediate community- or further out. Our patients consider this one of the most considerable advantages of dentist marketing mailers. Whether you choose to scale based on your practice’s budget or the basis of another set of metrics, you’ll see a significant return on your investment through our mailing package that includes all of the following:

  • Neighborhood Newsletters that results in new patient calls
  • Dental Postcards that improve your presence locally
  • Patient Newsletters that generate more revenue from your practice’s existing patients
  • Patient Surveys that increase referrals
  • Practice Brochures that showcase your services
  • Patient Referrals that grow your bottom line

Enhanced Direct Mail

If you thought all direct mail marketing was more or less the same, we invite you to take a closer look at what we offer our clients. You’ll see immediate, trackable results following a Direct Mail campaign that allows you to identify areas in your community where your drive is making an impact. Best of all, we can assure you that your customized, direct mail newsletter will not get lost in a bundle of other unwanted items typically received in the mail.

Request your free consultation with our marketing team to learn more about the distinct advantages of dentist marketing mailers. You’re under no obligation to hire us for future marketing- we simply want to show you how you can experience the kind of growth in your bottom line that will make your investment worthwhile. Reach out to PatientNews to schedule a consultation phone call with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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