Targeting The Right Prospects Yields Highest ROI


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Are all the people that live around your practice home owners? Do they have families?

Can ALL the residents in your entire market area "afford" your dental services? 

Are the people who live in your area AND can pay for your services AWARE of your practice?

Are these ideal prospects MOTIVATED to call YOUR practice?

The success of your new patient acquisition campaigns will rest heavily on the quality of your target list. As a dentist, with so many business management and patient care responsibilities, you don’t have time to research, analyze and find the best list source for your direct mail campaigns.

Don't sweat it. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Request a free area analysis report today and find out how!

Once we analyze your existing patient base, competitor locations and demographic trends, you’ll be able to implement practice marketing programs that will generate a more reliable result. Targeting the right consumers, (list development), is one of the most critical elements to dental marketing success.

We conduct our analysis using the world’s leading geographic information system to help you transform the way you conduct your dental marketing campaigns. For the best new patient marketing list:

A pin indicates on a map where to target possible new, ideal patients It’s likely you already have a good idea where you draw existing patients from, and which areas that you might like to attract more patients from … but do you know how to develop an ideal new patient marketing list?

The process of identifying, targeting and selecting the correct mailing areas for a given dental practice takes time and in-depth knowledge of geographic, demographic and psychographic landscapes.

The best way to improve your patient acquisition rates is to identify the areas surrounding your practice that offer the highest opportunity of success.

With a marketing partner, like Patient News, you don’t have to do the heavy-lifting. We go beyond trade area analysis, with an indepth review of your entire territory in order to develop a patient profile and ideal target area. Our accurate list development ensure that you target the right consumers. List development is one of the most critical elements to dental marketing success. 

Trade areas can often be derived by distance, drive time and population. At Patient News, our demographers go beyond this reporting level to determine how much more opportunity exists within your area.

We connect your existing data and knowledge to the development of a more accurate and targeted new patient marketing list. With a higher profile of prospective patients and appropriate communications based on volume and demographics, you have a winning new patient marketing strategy in place.

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