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Patient NEWS makes it easy to stay in touch digitally with:

  • monthly eNewsletters
  • review requests
  • dental membership plan promotions
  • appointment reminders
  • anytime emails.

Dental Email Services That Your Patients Will Appreciate

Keep your practice top-of-mind, increase referrals & production!

Automated dental email services make it easy to show patients you value them. Are you kidding? More emails? Aren’t our inboxes full? Yes, but people want and appreciate email communication. The power of a multi-channel marketing mix can’t be overlooked, and email is a business essential. And it’s this level of customer service – outside of your practice – that will keep your practice name top-of-mind, resulting in a better retention rate, higher lifetime value, and more referrals. Email is at least 4X more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook! It pays to differentiate your practice with electronic communication.

99% of consumers use email every single day & is 4X more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook.

Powered by Practice Zebra™

you never have to worry about uploading or creating another email list. Practice ZEBRA helps you collect and maintain accurate and up-to-date patient email contact information. Advanced technology ensures your list is always cleansed (email addresses are valid), and you’ll know which patient email records are missing or need updating. Easy reports and alerts allow you to stay on top of important patient contact information consistently.

Boost practice productivity & efficiency!

Not only does marketing automation save time and make your practice more efficient, when you put dental email services to work for your practice, you’ll see results. Email delivers an average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. And patients of all ages are receptive to this form of communication. In fact, email has higher conversion rates than social media and SEO combined!

  • 99%Number of consumers that use email every single day
  • 73%of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication
  • 60%of people say that email marketing influences their purchases
  • 50%check their email before doing anything else online.
And this one is important for dentists. Women, who make more than 90% of all dental buying decisions, pay more attention to marketing-oriented emails than men.
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Custom emails from Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA provide super-easy, super-convenient, one-stop marketing automation for dentists. These state-of-the-art solutions are built into Practice ZEBRA, the only practice intelligence tool that tracks, measures, and facilitates every step of the dental patient journey.

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Monthly dentist emails your patients will anticipate

Convenient, easy, and high-quality email newsletters with no setup, editing, or clicking go. These monthly newsletters are literally set it and forget it. Our average open rates are double and even triple that of industry averages.

eNewsletters are also the EASIEST solution for you to keep your practice name in patient homes monthly, which shows you care about them. And because the content is educational, it demonstrates you’re the expert in your field who ALWAYS has their best interests at heart.

An example of a Patient NEWS eNewsletter sent to patients through Practice ZEBRA
A screenshot of Practice ZEBRA's email anytime service, available to dental offices across North America

For fast updates, use Practice ZEBRA’s email anytime service

With the email anytime module in Practice ZEBRA, you’ll never have to pull another list. And at any time, you can send an email with customized messaging to your active patients.

It’s perfect for bringing forward time-sensitive information that you want patients to act on. You can let them know about:

  • office updates
  • dental membership plan
  • seasonal offers
  • referral incentives.

And that’s not all! Every email is personalized with your brand banner, contact information, and a footer.

You determine the message. Our team of dental marketing experts will write and edit the content and blast out the email. It’s as simple as that!

To get it for FREE, sign up for Practice ZEBRA today.

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Marketing automation for dentists doesn’t stop with monthly email patient newsletters. With Practice ZEBRA dental email services, you also have access to Review Booster, Dental Membership Plan Booster & Appointment Reminders!

Review Booster

Review Booster is best-in-class comprehensive reputation management platform for dental practices.

Easily engage patients with automation, or select and send individual requests. On average, users generate a 30% increase in positive reviews. What makes our review technology for dentists better is that we include value-added educational content with review requests. By including great content, plus the next scheduled appointments, you’ll increase the feeling of reciprocity from your patients.

Screenshot of sample automated Review Booster custom email
Sample of Patient NEWS' Dental Membership Plan Booster email

Dental Membership Plan Booster

Membership plan members contribute 2X production to practice revenue over non-insured patients, so your plan is a great asset to your practice. The problem? Converting more non-insured patients into your plan. Our Dental Membership Plan Booster provides automated cadences that increase the results from your plan. Just like our other automated solutions, the system takes care of everything for you!

Appointment Reminders

Automated reminders are a dental practice essential. They are proven to reduce no-shows. The simple solution in Practice ZEBRA makes it easy for you to manage your patient cards, see who is confirmed, and who needs additional follow-up. Again, because we’re Patient NEWS, your appointment reminders include text and email, and emails always have value-added educational content, elevating your dental practice as an authority in its field.

Sample of automated Appointment Reminder email sent to patients via Practice ZEBRA

Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions About Email Newsletters

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Can your eNewsletters be customized?

The monthly email patient newsletter is personalized with your logo and contact information. But as described, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution. The reason we created dentists’ email anytime is because you want to be able to email anything you want. With that solution, we’ll even help you write the copy and deploy your message for you. It’s a custom email service your dental office can take advantage of – anytime!

What are the open and click-through rates/averages?

The healthcare industry reports a 19% average open rate, but with our monthly dental email patient newsletters, Patient NEWS clients average over 38%. Dentist emails from Patient NEWS are much more than open rates; they’re about engaging patients, keeping them better-connected to your practice, providing value, and increasing patient lifetime value.

How many guarantor email addresses should I have in my patient records?

You want to aim for more than 90%. As you know, we have double the industry average open rate, so if you are missing 30% of your email addresses, that means that 40% of 70% will see your message – that’s 280 on a household count of 1,000. So, without a strong focus on collecting both email and cell numbers, you won’t get the most out of your marketing automation programs. Online review requests will be missed, dental appointment reminders won’t be as useful, and monthly patient newsletters or referral requests won’t improve the patient experience. That’s why email is only part of your dental marketing mix. Direct mail – patient mailings or neighborhood newsletters and postcards – will reach 100% of your target audience and should also be a core part of your patient acquisition and retention marketing strategy.

Will any of the emails that go out to my patients be flagged as spam?

There are anti-spam laws and our system is vetted and follows specific guidelines and laws to ensure your emails are sent effectively and safely. We include an unsubscribe link, your brick-and-mortar address, and track and keep unsubscribe requests. You should avoid purchasing an email list as that’s no longer a safe bet for email marketing. With your patient list, dental patients who have chosen you as their dental provider and given you their contact data, it’s highly unlikely that emails would be flagged as spam. With our dental email services, we keep you safe and compliant by not emailing any patient who has not had a transaction with your practice in over two years (but you can pull that list and send a traditional mail reactivation campaign). Plus, we craft legitimate content so that it won’t be flagged as suspicious sales material.

What level of customer service can I expect?

With Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA, you have a dedicated team of specialists who are available to you virtually, by phone, text, email, chat, and tickets. We take care of our dental clients on a one-to-one basis and pride ourselves in providing our 100% guarantee in quality and service.