Crowns Deliver Confidence & Beauty


Ever wonder why our teeth have different shapes? It’s because our teeth have multiple purposes – chewing, grinding, ripping, or slicing – plus each tooth, when in its place, has the job of keeping its neighbors in line. When we are missing teeth, or if our teeth are badly damaged, this orchestration is thrown off kilter. That’s why crown restoration options are so popular, efficient, comfortable, and trusted.

Crown – Covers an existing badly decayed, damaged, or misshapen tooth to strengthen and enhance it with the perfect color, shape, and size.

Crown & BridgeSupports natural-looking replacement teeth to reduce bite stress and shifting teeth, and to improve smile esthetics.

Crowns On Implants – Also looking and behaving like natural teeth, implants help stop jawbone loss beneath a missing tooth, helping to maintain a more-youthful face shape.

Don’t put up with damaged or missing teeth. Regain the beauty and function of your smile and take a big healthy bite out of life!