Do You Make These Mistakes?

If so, let’s intercept them & keep you healthy!


Once a habit takes hold, it can be really hard to break. These ones can do great damage to your smile, so do your best to break them!

  1. Toothpicks can injure sensitive gums or force debris farther in, instead of out. Replace with dental floss.
  2. Sucking citrus (lemons, limes, oranges) can soften and erode enamel, leaving you open to grooves, chips, yellowing, and decay.
  3. Chewing ice can cause cracked teeth and broken restorations.
  4. Brushing too hard will put you at high risk for gum recession. Use a soft brush and a soft touch.
  5. Nail biting can cause chips, cracks, shifting, and gum injuries.

If you need suggestions on how to change bad habits into good ones, talk with us. We’re here to support you even when you’re not in our practice!