Don’t Miss Out: Let’s Get A Plan In Place


As most dental plans reset at the turn of the new year, scheduling and planning should begin now to ensure the optimum time for your care and treatment fulfilment.

How we can help you…

  1. New-year cleaning: Start the new year with a fresh, clean, and healthy smile. Schedule out future appointments.
  3. Early detection: Find and treat issues early to avoid pain (both physical and financial) that comes with delayed care. It’s so important not to delay recare and dentist checks.
  5. Finish outstanding treatment: Putting off care? Let’s make some tactical plans to ensure your smile gets the care it deserves.
  7. We’re insurance experts: We’ll help you understand your benefits and help you navigate this sometimes-confusing part of your care. This is a free service!

Talk with us about strategic scheduling to maximize your smile and make this next year the brightest yet!