Establish Great Dental Hygiene Habits Now!


Setting little ones up for dental success starts with laying a great foundation. By making these oral hygiene habits a priority now, you’ll help your kids keep their mouths healthy and strong – for life!

Brushing: If your child is walking, they can try brushing! Use a pea-sized amount of mild-tasting – even sparkly – toothpaste with a kid-sized toothbrush. Brushing for two to three minutes may test a child’s attention span, so build up to it and try making it a game. By age six or seven, many children can brush twice a day independently.

Flossing: While this is best performed by parents until around age seven or eight, teaching kids about the importance of flossing by age three or four is key. Once they understand that food and plaque hide between teeth and along the gum line – and can cause cavities or gum disease if not removed – kids are more likely to open wide for the practice.

Dental Sealants: Children should have sealants – a thin, plastic protective covering – placed on their permanent molars and premolars as soon as the teeth come in, and before decay has a chance to attack. Simply taking this step can help prevent cavities for 10 years or more!

First Visit: It’s important to have your child’s teeth assessed within six months of the eruption of their first teeth or by age one to ensure their oral health is off to a great start. While most first visits involve introductions to our staff and a basic checkup, you can prepare for the visit ahead of time by playing dentist and counting and examining each other’s teeth.

Great oral health starts at home with diligent hygiene habits. Help your child cultivate them today and remember: we’re always here to help!