Habit Stacking Can Help Optimize Your Oral Health


To keep your oral health strong, consistency matters. Of course, we understand that sometimes developing and maintaining certain oral hygiene habits can be … challenging. Thankfully, a strategy known as habit stacking can make a difference!

By adding a new behavior (or habit) to an already existing one, you can effectively create a new routine, thereby utilizing behavioral psychology to your advantage. Take flossing, for example. While this dental hygiene practice does much to benefit your smile, many patients find the habit difficult to implement. Here’s where habit stacking can help.

Try placing your floss container beside your toothbrush when you brush in the morning. Then, when you go to brush before bed, you’ll see the floss and be reminded to use it, thereby birthing a new habit. For best results, leave your floss out and beside your brush as studies show it can take three to four weeks to establish a lasting routine.

Get started today! We look forward to seeing the positive dental effects of habit stacking during your next visit!