Keep A Watchful Eye

Keep A Watchful Eye

Even if your risk factors for oral cancer are low, checking your mouth regularly for symptoms of this disease can play a critical role in your short- and long-term well-being. Here’s why: If oral cancer is diagnosed and treated early on, a patient’s overall five-year survival rate is 85%.  

Go on the offensive with your health by making a habit of examining your lips, gums, tongue, the floor of your mouth (under your tongue), inner cheeks, and the roof of your mouth. Mark your calendar to do this at least once each month, and should you discover a development that lasts more than two weeks, call us for an examination.  

Pay attention to sores that don’t heal, growths or lumps, mouth pain, loose teeth, one or more white or reddish patches, ear pain, and discomfort or difficulty when swallowing. 

Be aware that tobacco use (all kinds), heavy alcohol consumption, human papillomavirus (HPV), and excessive sun exposure are all known to increase a person’s risk for oral cancer.

And remember: Seeing us for regular checkups and cleanings – which include oral cancer checks – is vital to ensuring that your smile stays healthy. Call us today if you’re due for a preventive examination!