Make Brighter & Whiter A Reality!


After being bombarded with beauty ads that promise miracle cures, it’s nice to know that you can still take steps toward self-improvement that are safe, reliable, and come with your own personal smile-consulting team.

Many patients are motivated to whiten their teeth when they realize that the stains that accrue from smoking, tea, coffee, and wine can dull and age their smiles. Their first impulse may be to try one of many whitening toothpastes that are available. But because these toothpastes use abrasives, there is a risk that they will remove the tooth’s enamel. Dentin underneath enamel is yellow, so thinning or removing the enamel will make your teeth look more yellow, rather than whiter. We can help you choose the whitening product that’s right for you – and safe.

And while results may seem miraculous to you, it’s no miracle at all. We can safely and effectively whiten your teeth using tried and tested quality products and our own special brand of TLC. Interested? Call us today!