Strengthen Your Smile Power


Restorations like dental crowns and bridges look and feel just like your own natural teeth and improve oral health. How? Crowns preserve compromised teeth, and combined with bridges, prevent drifting teeth, helping you to live (smile, eat, speak, meet new people, and sing!) with new-found confidence.

How they work:

  1. Crown treatment restores and supports badly damaged teeth with natural beauty and performance. Placing a crown on a high-risk tooth as early preventive treatment saves time and money ... and maybe even your tooth!
  2. A bridge is a combination of one or more crowns and a replacement tooth (or teeth) to close a gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth), restoring your smile and redistributing the workload.

Both treatments are directly responsible for improved self-confidence ... which will, of course, keep you smiling! Are you a candidate? Talk with us!