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Healthy teeth provide structure, give your face character, and help you to eat, speak, and smile. Yet a healthy mouth means so much more. Research suggests that undiagnosed gum disease, for example, isn’t just the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It can destroy bone and supporting tissues and may affect your general health at any life-stage. That’s why we’re so committed to providing you with good information and answering your questions like…

Q. I’m pregnant. Can gum disease affect me?
A. Studies have linked gum disease to low birth weight, toxemia, and premature delivery. Nearly half of pregnant women with gestational diabetes also have gum disease and remain more vulnerable to diabetes later in life.

Q. I’m diabetic. How important is oral health?
A. People with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease which may make it more difficult to control blood sugar levels. Gum disease can lead to an increased prevalence of heart and kidney disease in type 2 diabetics.

Q. Are respiratory and heart diseases a greater risk?
A. Oral bacteria can be inhaled. It can affect your lungs and flow through your bloodstream to other vulnerable areas in your body. It’s been found in arteries of stroke victims and there may also be a link with chronic inflammatory illnesses including cardiovascular diseases.

Q. What can you do?
A. Call us. Since gum disease and other oral health issues can arrive painlessly without visible signs, everyone should be examined regularly.