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How Our Process Works

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Our Proven Process Significanlty Increases Likelihood for Success.
The quickest way to see how our process can help your practice is to call 1-888-377-2404 for a FREE CONSULATION. 

At Patient News, we understand that every practice and market area is unique. Our proven process begins with the development of a strategic plan that identifies current challenges and goals and the tactics we will employ to help you overcome barriers and improve results. We identify critical benchmarks to measure against, assess traction, and continuously improve your marketing results. It always starts with our free consultation, so take advantage of that no-obligation discussion today! 


We conduct a thorough needs assessment, including your current situation and key performance metrics to benchmark your current standing. We complete a detailed demographic and psychograpic analysis of your market area, analysis of your existing patient base, where you draw and we review the population demographics and competitive information in order to develop a strategic plan.


Based on a complete creative briefing on your practice services, philosophies, expertise and goals we write, design and launch your selected marketing campaigns. We'll also provide your team with the training tools they need to be ready when your marketing campaign hits patient households.


For acquisition campaigns we track calls, we listen and score every call for success and identification of areas of opportunity, and report back to you on your campaigns. You also have full access to your results via our Marketing Performance Dashboard.


Your personal Account Manager closely monitors your results, and will continue to work with you to analyze response in order to drive better results for your practice. Quarterly benchmark reviews ensure your program is keeping pace and exceeding expectations.


This isn't just a marketing initiative. It's a comprehensive system that will enhance your practice in ways not imagined. Your acquisition and retention programs will elevate your practice, build positive practice awareness and will increase your income and personal professional satisfaction. 

Call 1-888-377-2404 today to put this awesome system to work for your practice!